Microfiber Women's Underwear
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I am looking to buy new underwear, but my favorite line has been cancelled. All the new ones that seem good are made of microfiber rather than cotton, and I have some concerns about that. Possibly gross discussion of lady parts ahead.

Similar to this previous question, I also prefer a boy-cut style with full butt coverage that doesn't leave obvious lines. (These really are the best ever) Having underwear up my butt is just flatly unacceptable, and the shorts style has worked better at preventing this than anything else I've ever tired.

I had a good stockpile of the ones I like, but they're worn out and many of the new ones I'm seeing are microfiber. I'm worried about synthetic fabrics on my lady business. I almost never wear synthetics in my regular clothes because they tend to retain body smells more strongly, and all my past attempts at synthetic undies have lead to highly unpleasant yeast infections, even with the little cotton crotch liner. Is it different with "performance" nylon blend? Or should I keep hunting for something made of cotton?

Bonus: these have a cotton crotch rather than lining and also come in a shorts style, so they might be ok. However, they are really expensive. Any one know of anything similar for less money?
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I like the Hanes bikini cut because I'm a cheeky girl and I get full coverage, no lines and no crawling. They do have a cotton version I believe. Is your problem that the Hanes boy cut is being discontinued? I lost your question in there.
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My lady parts vastly prefer all cotton or 98%cotton with a touch of spandex (for the stretch). I absolutely avoid any synthetics for myself because of the reasons you have stated. I guess my chemistry just doesn't get along with any synthetic right next to my bits and I totally envy my sister and a friend who are able to buy really super cute, cheap poly/nylon/whatever panties. I've still gotten poor results with "performance" stuff as it is still not as nice as cotton or silk unfortunately when it comes to my body chemistry and odor.

Keep hunting for cotton....Jockey, Hanes and sometimes weird off brands found at Target, JC Penny, Marshalls etc will have cute boyshorts. If your location is correct, you can make a trip to Nordstrom Rack. I've had the best success amidst the mounds of nylon (ugh) panties in finding nice cotton ones.
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Sorry I wasn't clear. My problem is that the boy cut was cancelled and I've been eyeing some new styles that are microfiber. I'm mostly wondering if microfiber will be just as bad at smelling gross and giving me yeast infections as other synthetics I've worn, or if it's different enough that I should give it a shot.
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I am super highly mega crazy intense sensitive to yeasty badness triggers and I have successfully worn microfiber cotton crotched undies even on hot revolting swamp ass summer days with no ill effects on the lady parts. I don't really make a habit of smelling my underwear after removing them but I guess I could give it a try the next time I wear them, in the interest of scientific research (thank you google for preserving these words of mine for future generations).
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In my experience, microfiber is just as bad. I'm astonished that there seem to be a predominance of women who can wear synthetics with no problem. I'm no help on the boy cut front since I'm way into these Jones New York hi-cuts (Seriously the BEST and they come in black!) but I do confirm your fears about microfiber.
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Macy's carries a brand in their stores that they don't have online that probably fits the bill for you, called Jenni. (They have other Jenni products online, but not the underwear.) At least half the Jenni products are cotton.

I've also had good luck with DKNY and Kensi brands at Nordstrom's though not in a full boyshort cut, but it looks like they have some. Again, only some of their products are cotton.

All of these are more expensive than Hanes' but way cheaper than Patagonia. They've held up well. Nordstrom's is having a sale right now. The Macy's ones are usually cheaper if you buy at least 3 or 5 or something like that.
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I wonder if your link to the Patagonia underwear was not what you meant. Those are fantastic (for me -- YMMV), but do not have a cotton crotch and I have not seen them in a boyshort style.
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I recently gave up on Hanes and Jockey and whatever else you can find at Target and their crack creeping and crap eleastic, and replaced all my underwear with hipsters from the Embraceable line at Soma.

They're rayon bamboo with a cotton crotch, stay where they're supposed to, don't get smelly, and seem to launder nicely. Soma changes their feature colors every few months, which keeps it interesting.
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I have no issues with microfiber.
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I wear men's 100% cotton briefs. I do not care a whit that they have an opening for a penis I don't have. They cover my butt and don't give me yeast problems or discomfort. And they are reasonably priced (I have Hanes and CK, from discount stores). I highly recommend them!
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I am not a lady have have not the parts thereof, but for what it's worth I am cursed with sensitive skin and I find microfibre differs quite a lot across different brands. Some are terrible, even most. But some are okay for me. Uniqlo, for example, make some "airism" undies that are okay if not great for my skin, and they are totally synthetic. They all also have cotton ones and I believe they make a boy cut. Experimentation seems like a good course of action.
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Going back to the cotton preference (maybe I should post this in the first thread) these are pretty substantial and comfy: link and similar to your original link. ( Sorry, don't have a good microfiber brand to recommend though )

Edited to add: wait, just checked and they have only one seam in the rear, not two. Sorry!
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Another men's underwear wearer here. In a previous thread I recommended Hanes Sport Briefs. I'm still wearing them - they hold up well. Seams are on the sides, not in the rear.
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I'm a woman who also can't tolerate synthetic undies. Merino wool has never given me any trouble, and I'd say if you can afford it, it's absolutely worth a shot, especially if you live in a humid climate or are at all active. It's completely changed the crotch-rot game for me.

I, like some of the other posters, am a men's underwear wearer. I've been happy with the men's sporty Hanes offerings, but like I said, merino is where it's at. I have owned the men's version of these from Icebreaker and would not hesitate to recommend the women's version based on that experience. I'm currently mostly wearing Ibex, which are great quality, but there's not a women's counterpart to my choice. These, however, have excellent reviews.
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I've never had any medical problems resulting from wearing microfiber undies but I am convinced that they make things smellier faster for me.
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Microfiber can be good, but I avoid them since they often need more care when washing (I like to throw knickers in at the highest temperature)

I *love* Marks and Spencers underwear. Some are made out of modal (a synthetic), which is lighter and softer than cotton, but very breathable. Many are made out of a high cotton content. While it is a British company, they offer free delivery to the US.
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My partner loves the Patagonia ones that you linked to. IMO, spending 20 bucks on underwear is not crazy and is totally worth it if the fit is good. They last forever and are SUPER comfortable.

Also try meundies.com, theirs are made from modal.
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I have eleventy-billion of these Gilligan & O'Malley microfiber boyshorts from Target. I like them under jeans, (they're anti-muffin-top!), but have noticed that they don't stay put under skirts or booty shorts.
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