Cotton, non-synthetic (or low% synthetic) sports bras?
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I have a sports bra that I bought in 2005 - Jockey, cotton, a bit of stretch - and it has outlasted a plethora of synthetic sports bras. When I shop at Target, Athleta, etc. all I see for sale are 100% synthetic bras that stretch out of shape, make me feel claustrophobic and get icky when they're wet. Help me find the Platonic Ideal of Cotton Sports Bras again.

Sans the mesh panels, this sports bra by Jockey looks like it's the closest match to the one I have. (Also maybe this one.) But those models aren't sold in stores, you have to order online, and I don't know my size. The tag on my fave sports bra has long since worn away so I don't know fabric content, size, etc. Before I bite the bullet and online bra shop (groan), are there any brick-and-mortar stores that sell COTTON sports bras with a small amount of spandex for stretch? (I'll also take recommendations for online ordering if you have a favorite shop.)

I'm a C cup so boobage support is not usually an issue for me as long as the fabric is supportive (which, again, is why I love my sturdy cotton sports bra -- the synthetic ones I have always stretch out of shape OR cut off my circulation, I can never predict how they'll act!).
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Decent Exposures is a women owned company that sells them online.
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I also came here to suggest you check out Decent Exposures. They have great customer service as well. I've called them to talk about what I'm looking for in terms of support, and to have them talk me through measuring myself to get the right size. They make all the bras to order. Perhaps one of their fabrics would be what you're looking for.
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Walmart has inexpensive Fruit of the Loom cotton sports bras in stores (though check your local store for availability).
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Elita has all-cotton bras that you might like.
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I got a cotton/spandex sports bra made by Champion at Sports Authority.
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Have you thought about merino wool sports bras? Ibex has some very nice ones.
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My mom totally had those sports bras.

What is the objection to online bra shopping? I know it's frustrating when something doesn't fit, but a sports bra is a stretchy garment that doesn't have to fit you in a tailored way. I just ordered a sports bra that is slightly too small (30B instead of a 30C) and honestly, it's fine. There's a little more sideboob than I'd like, but it'll do. And if I hadn't been so desperately in need of a non-stretched out sports bra that day, I would have returned it. If you buy it through Zappos or Amazon or whatever and there's free return shipping, what's the problem, exactly? There are so many fashion questions on MeFi that basically come down to: I'm super picky, I won't shop online, and I don't want to spend money. Be picky, by all means! But online shopping will probably yield your best results. And for whatever reason, Athleta's bra selection kind of sucks. I've had better luck ordering sports bras through regular bra sites like herroom and barenecessities.

Seriously, three seconds of google searching found lots of options. I think trying to find this in a brick and mortar store is what's driving you nuts.

There are size charts. Measure yourself, make an educated guess, and order something.
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I'd also like to add that I have to order all my bras online because I'm a weird size. Once you find a brand you like and your accurate size, you're set.
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So I'm looping back to this thread somewhat sheepishly after discovering (after ordering some mostly-cotton bras online and trying them on in the store) that what I was looking for was actually NOT cotton sports bras, but really just *soft* bras that don't have that squicky non-fabric synthetic-y feeling when they're wet. Which turned out to be polyester.

I bought the Studio by Capezio women's sports bra which is a polyester blend, and also bought a completely synthetic, yet soft and stretchy, bra by Adidas. Lesson learned... Thanks everyone for your reccs!
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Thanks for posting this, though -- I'm a cotton-bra fan. The first two responses in this thread sent me to Decent Exposures and I'm very, very happy with them.
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