Tiny corporate retreat space in CA Wine County?
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I have a small consulting firm (3 people) and our busy season kicks off on Labor Day. I'm looking for a location in Napa or Sonoma where we can stay (nice place, separate rooms) one night and have access to a conference room, coffee and snacks, etc., on either side. This would need to be a weeknight in the next few weeks.

I imagine there are hotels where this would work (a specific reco would be great), but I am also interested in anything with a more interesting meeting space - a covered patio? An indoor/outdoor conference room?

I'm not really asking for tips on the content of the training/discussions themselves, as I'm working with a consultant to help develop that. My budget is flexible but I would love to spend less than $1500 for everything (not including travel or the fancy/boozey team dinner).
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Silverado Resort. There are also condos there that I am sure are rentable. Most have their own patio overlooking the course.
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It's been a few years, but I stayed at the Bodega Bay Lodge a while back and loved it, and I know that they are interested in corporate events. The link is to their fact sheet. It's on the coast. It does have sister hotels, including one in Yountville.
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From the Silverado events and meetings page, "Whether you're gathering in one of our 13 meeting or conference rooms or outside in our bucolic outdoor venue, The Grove"
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Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga is a little more rustic but is suitable for professional meetings and could suit your "interesting meeting space" desires - there are goats, cows, horses, you name it on the grounds (not in the conference rooms!). Close to wineries but far enough from Napa to be more affordable, so you can spend your extra cash on wine.
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You might check out Meadowood in St. Helena. Not sure what the rates actually are, but they have a bunch of different rooms. and adjoining rooms can be connected so you could probably get something like a three room suite with a common living room and patio area that would be suitable. They also have a number of private dining rooms in the restaurant that might work as a conference room, especially mid-week, when it's less busy. You're just outside of town in a nice wooded area that stays twenty degrees cooler than the rest of the valley. and if you're into golf, tennis, croquet, or swimming, they have all of that.
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