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I need an iOS reminder app with some specific requirements 1) allows recurrence to be set for an interval of less than a day (every x hours) 2) ideally the recurrence won't be scheduled until after the first instance is marked as 'done'

My specific use case is managing my meds following a c-section. The hospital I'll be in does patient led pain management, or basically making you keep track of when you're due for a medication (not just pain killers also the colace and anti-gas meds). This is a PITA when different medications are on different schedules, you have a newborn and you're tired and distracted. I want to stay on a schedule because my understanding of pain management (particularly ibuprofen) is that you want to stay ahead of the pain. I also do not want to miss or delay a dose of the other meds, because less gas is less pain.

The app does not need to be specific to medications, it can be anything that has this functionality. I have 2do and it would suffice but can't do recurrence on less than a day.

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The Duane Reade pharmacy chain (division of Walgreen's) has an iOS mobile app that will remind you when to take your medications.
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Best answer: I really like alarmed. There's a bit of a learning curve, and you have to pay for the more advanced options, but it's worth a look.
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Response by poster: Perfect! Thanks msterdaniel! I did have to pay for the hourly recurrence option but it meets both of my requirements, and only took me a few minutes to figure out and test, so totally worth it. I wonder what else I could use it for, hmmmm....
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Due is also good. You can set recurring timers and also self-recreating reminders.

It also has good snooze settings, like you can set it to ding every minute or every 10 minutes or whatever after a task is due.
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I think Pillboxie is exactly what you need!
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