Women adventurers
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I am trying to put together a list of women explorers from history. An example, meant to be illustrative rather than limiting:

Harriet Chalmers Adams, who explored and photographed South America, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Who is your favorite female explorer? Why?
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Ann Bancroft. Her polar feats are amazing, and she calls a lot of attention to environmental issues.
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I love Nellie Bly, a reporter (she exposed terrible conditions in asylums) and she's the first person to travel around the world in 72 days.
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Isabella Bird. Martha Gellhorn was pretty cool, too. Dickey Chapelle
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Grandma Gatewood was badass. I don't know if she's truly an explorer, but she was certainly a pioneer.
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I believe there is a chapter all about this in the excellent Daring Book For Girls by MeFi's Own mothershock.
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The Dutch Alex[andr]ine Tinne was the first European woman to travel Central Africa. Well, in fact, so was her mother who travelled with her.
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Sally Ride was the first American woman in space!
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Sally Ride was my hero when I was a kid!

Gertrude Bell
Amelia Edwards
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Arlene Blume led some of the first all-women expeditions to major mountains, including leading an all-woman ascent of Annapurna, which was also the first American ascent of the mountain. This climb is documented in the book Annapurna, A Woman's Place.
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The podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You is having a women adventurers/explorers summer.
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The amazing Isabelle Eberhardt: polyglot wanderer, Islamic convert, brilliant writer, war correspondent, activist and adventurer -- all before the age of 27, when she died in a flash flood in Aïn Séfra.
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Amelia Earhart
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Mary Kingsley is an important explorer of West Africa.

I will mention two other females, though I know this does not really apply to what you are asking. Technically, two of the greatest exploration achievements in 20th Century were both achieved by females, though they get no credit because both of these females also happened to be dogs. Lika was a Soviet dog who was the first Earthling to go into outer space. Etah was a Norwegian dog who was the first Earthling to reach the South Pole. Both were females.
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Also, here is a Wikipedia list of female explorers.
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"In the 1930s and 1940s, [Bessie Springfield, known as the "Motorcycle Queen of Miami] took eight long-distance, solo rides across the United States. Speaking to a reporter, she dismissed the notion that 'nice girls didn’t go around riding motorcycles in those days.' Further, she was apparently fearless at riding through the Deep South when racial prejudice was a tangible threat. Was Bessie consciously championing the rights of women and African-Americans? Bessie would most likely have said she was simply living her life in her own way."
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Beryl Markham
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Gertrude Bell was amazing. Desert Queen is an excellent biography.
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Gudrid was about the single best-travelled European born before 1000AD.
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Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space. (Her daughter was the first person ever to be born to two parents who had both been to space.)
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Wikipedia has a list of female astronauts.
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Ella Maillart - European traveler through Central Asia
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Alexandra David-Néel.
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