Extending an Aiport Express wireless network
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So I have two Apple Express routers, one 1st generation, the other a 2nd generation. The new one is hooked up directly to the cable modem downstairs. I'd like to use the older one to extend the network to the upstairs and back of the house, where coverage seems spotty. But the older 1st generation router doesn't seem to extend the network. It can only join thr original network. When I try to use it to extend the network, the router light goes from green to yellow or flashing yellow. Repeated restarts of this 1st gen router, forgetting the device, resetting default settings and re-configuring don't change the inability to extend the network. Any suggestions on how to get a 1st gen Apple Express router to extend the network generated by a 2nd Gen Apple Express router?
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Best answer: If you google 'Airport Express Bridge mode' there are many tutorials. Here's one that seems to fit your scenario.
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Best answer: I'm willing to bet it's not grabbing a solid signal on the network your primary router is putting out. Have you tried putting it in this mode while you're downstairs, right near the main router?

Also, wait, is this the 1st gen wireless G only airport express? or the 1st gen one that did wireless N. There's actually two models that are both, annoying, considered "1st gen". See here. I don't have any 1st gen G models around to test, but i'm extremely suspicious the G ones will NOT act as repeaters on N networks. And even if they would, it would probably drop your main network down to G... which sucks. I think it might just Not Work though.
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I think emptythought is right. If you have model A0184 it will not act as a bridge or repeater. See this discussion.
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Response by poster: Hey got this to work via creating the WiFi network over ethernet, as per this document and TDIpod suggestion and links.

The 2nd generation Express is the main station, while the older, 2nd revision of the 1st generation (Not the A0184 model) is the "extender". FYI, this involved a bit of drilling and jigsawing to run the ethernet cable from downstairs to upstairs, so be aware.

Best answers all around!
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