Cheap-ass running shoes plz.
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I am looking for decent, yet cheap, running shoes for the short term. Suggestions? More inside of course.

So I've been running off and on for about a decade now. Currently off :( My standby shoes have been addidas supernova/glide/current model. However I am once again getting back into running after a good amount of time off so won't be doing super-serious running for some months and, frankly, don't want to pay $120+ for shoes just to break me back into running.

Any ideas for cheap running shoes for the next 6 mos that are respectably decent - at least in terms of not killing my knees and ankles? By cheap I am talking $40-50.

Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.
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Nike Pegasus; they get rated highly in Runner's World magazine (link goes to just one review; they've reviewed them lots!), and I personally can attest that they are a good budget buy. You find them cheaper than the asking price online: Kelly's Running Warehouse, or use Google's shopping search and sort from lowest price to highest.
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I got some inexpensive Saucony brand sneakers that have been totally fine for the low level running/biking/hiking that I do. Basically a version of these.
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They have real brands for 30 bucks.
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It's just to break back in but if it hurts or causes injury it will be a bad and slow restart (if this is old news to you I don't mean to sound patronizing). So I would say that if the glides are working for you to ebay some lightly used ones. My wife has had very good luck with ebay running shoes from well rated sellers.
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current model

I've found that often you can get good deals on running shoes online by looking for closeouts of the previous year model of your favorite shoe. Especially if you're not much bothered about which color they come in.

Seconding Costco which seems to be regularly rotating through stock of decent brands; I haven't liked any of the ones they've had so far, but worth a try to see if they work for you. (I just try 'em on right there on the warehouse floor.)
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Nordstrom Rack! I've seen deeply discounted Nike, Addidas, Brooks, Saucony, and New Balance runners there.
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Similar to what quince said, I sometimes see name-brand shoes at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.

Would the Saucony Kinvara 4 work for you?
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Get older-model shoes. I just bought 3 pairs of ASICS that is last season's model. I got them at 40% off.
posted by persona au gratin at 12:26 AM on July 30, 2014 for last year's models can be great, especially if you know what general type of running shoe you need, and you have a non-standard shoe size. (The less-average your shoe size, the sweeter the deals are.)

My amazing local running store just had its summer sidewalk sale, and I got a second pair of my fancy-ass current model New Balances for $65, so if you have a running store nearby, see if they have any upcoming sales.
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Ross. TJ Maxx. Marshalls. DSW.

I stalk the Ross that's a 10 minute walk from me, because they tend to sometimes stock Brooks running shoes for like $25-30. I bought a pair from TJ Maxx for like $39, and 3 pairs from Ross for $24.99. They're last year's models, but they run great and are like 1/4 the price. I've definitely seen plenty of Adidas, NB, Nike, etc on the shelves as well.
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If you are ok with trail running shoes, I've worn the Adidas Kandida for years. They hold up pretty well for casual indoor and outdoor running (actually they're kind of awesome in mud/gravel), are pretty comfy and come in blinding colors. Usually the more blinding the color, the cheaper they are- I very often buy 2-3 pairs per year for ~$40 in the most day glo colors I can find.

They aren't ideal for running a marathon on asphalt or whatever, but I find them good enough for my 2-3mile runs. Also since they are pretty cheap, I actually replace them when I should rather than running them into the ground and really effing up my feetses.
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Coming in to re-suggest Ross, TJMaxx, Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack. I've never paid more than $40-$50 for running shoes and I've been a fairly active runner.
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