Learning Japanese and would like some Japanese-subbed sources.
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Hi, I'm learning Japanese and am a big fan of anime/manga/tv shows. I'm far enough long in my studies where I would like to start watching/reading them with Japanese subtitles instead of English subtitles. The only problem is... I'm having a hard time finding manga/anime. Any sources for original Japanese manga or Japanese-subbed anime? (Like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
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Do you mean buying physical manga books? It depends where you live but Kinokuniya has various locations with manga, Book-off has good deals on used manga/books, and there is always the option to buy books directly like YesAsia.
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Response by poster: Hi, I'm probably actually more interested in anime. But if I were to buy dvd's, I'm pretty sure I would only get English subtitles :/ I'm open to buying Japanese language/Japanese subbed anime if it can be found, though.

If there is any anime I can download that is not licensed (that would be legal, right?), sites to watch/download them would be appreciated as well. I'm sure they would be rare considering I'm not sure if Japanese anime would have Japanese subtitles...
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Get yourself a region-free DVD player and buy some domestic Japanese DVDs. The subtitles will be in Japanese. I recommend Amazon.co.jp.
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You can get Japanese subtitles by buying the Japanese-region DVDs; these are very pricey and you will also need a compatible DVD player. Anime not licensed in the US is still not legal to download from torrents, etc, despite what you may have heard.
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There are 30 issues of the late, great Mangajin available online. It's one of the ways that I learned colloquial Japanese.
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A lot of people download dramas via places like d-addicts; these are virtually never released in the US, so for them, it's an acceptable moral grey area. D-addicts has some subtitle files. My only caution is that you should be sure to mostly watch things that use the kind of Japanese you'd like to speak.

You can find subtitles for anime here. There are several ways you could use these even with legal US releases, such as fishing out the Japanese and printing it.
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If you want anime then Crunchyroll is your friend here. You can choose Japanese language and subbed for most of what they have online.
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I agree with wintersweet that it's a gray area w/r/t unlicensed anime. JP DVDs tend to be fairly expensive to import on their own. Although, there is the risk of learning only canned "anime" Japanese which isn't that useful unless in certain situations.
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Amazon Japan has godawful shipping rates to the US. CDJapan is much more reasonable and as long as you're staying with mainstream anime/manga/TV shows, should have pretty close to the same selections as Amazon
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It's not anime but if you want to watch a really great cartoon there are lots of episodes of Sazae-san on Youtube. I believe there are some with Japanese subtitles if you search (like this). Also, it often features many aspects of Japanese culture so is very fascinating.
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How about light novels? If you're not allergic to torrents, NyaaTorrents has a section of un-translated literature.
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Matcha is a website with articles about Japan. They have an "Easy Japanese" version apart from the regular Japanese version.
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I would buy books from honto or CDJapan. Kinokuniya pricing is not too bad if you live near one.

This blog post links to a site with a whole bunch of sub files.
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