We All Scream For Sour Cream
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My wife came home with close to a gallon of sour cream the other day. (Don't ask.) What on earth can we do with all of it? Recipes calling for a dollop here or a smidge there simply won't cut it. We need volume here, people! Please help us, MeFi!
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Some of the best bundt cakes contain a substantial amount of sour cream. One of my favorites is Maida Heatter's Budapest Coffee Cake. One cake contains 1/8 gallon sour cream.
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Blueberry muffins. There are a couple delicious recipes that use like a cup and a half of sour cream. This is how I used up a similarly enormous tub a few months ago.
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Sour cream ice cream? E.g., Sour Cream Ice Cream which uses four cups and requires an ice cream maker, and which is linked because it includes a (bewildering) note that "You may substitute your favorite store bought ice cream."
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BAd advice - eat it right out of the tub with a spoon

Better advice - you can use it in almost any baking recipe that calls for dairy and fat.

Specific advice: sour cream apple pie; i've added it to rugelach when i ran out of cream cheese; pound cake; make ice cream oh my god sour cream ice cream is filthy good; i spread it right on french toast and it is glorious; have a mexican food devouring face stuffing orgy of magnificence; any kind of muffin will be better with sour cream in the mix; i've added it to brownies and it was perfection. PUT IT IN EVERYTHING DO IT
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I made a version of this sour cream coffee cake (entrance ad) as a kid and sour cream walnut coffee cake should be on you're list because it is super delicious.
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I mean I have literally put it on or in every possible food item and so far the only ones that have worked out badly are: don't use it in coffee or tea, it's just not the same as whipped cream; and don't try to make grilled cheese sandwiches with sour cream spread on bread, it's weird.
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Russian Cream!!!! As this link suggests, the BEST DESSERT EVER, though not the healthiest by any stretch. It is basically a firm pudding, you could pass it off as panna cotta almost. Unlike that link, I make it in a big bowl without a topping and then serve with fresh macerated berries (or good frozen ones).
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old school onion soup dip

Still a fav.
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And while I'm kicking it old school beef stroganoff
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Also, this marvel of Midwestern pastry cookery is WELL worth it: the sour cream and raisin pie. Sounds weird, is delicious.
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Chipotle Crema

1.5 cups sour cream
2 chipotles in adobo
2 crushed garlic cloves
lime juice
half and half or milk to thin it a bit

Mix it up and let it rest in the fridge for a bit. Then put that on fish tacos. Or shrimp. Or the neck of people you love.
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The best vegetable dip:

1 pt sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 TBSP beau monde
1 tsp dill weed
1 TBSP parsley flakes
1 bunch chopped green onions

Mix well. Set out three hours, then refrigerate.
(These are the passed down instructions, you may want to put right in the fridge if you are nervous about that kind of thing).

But, really. this is the best vegetable dip.
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Put a bunch of sour cream and brown sugar together, wait for the sugar to bloom and then dip strawberries in it.
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Sour Cream Pancakes! They win very hard.
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Epic Meal Time has got you covered: Burger Bar - 133,446 calories, 10.7kg of fat (about 24 pounds); 11-Layer Megaton Dip - 53,690 calories, 1.3kg of fat (3 pounds)

The prime-number-layered dip is a good way to go. Nobody will say boo if you add an extra sour-cream layer here or there.
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Spinach dip using sour cream and leek soup mix. We used to take this to every party. Even better in a bread bowl made from pumpernickel. I'm not a mayo fan, so I would just use more of the sour cream. Mmmm!
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Sour cream mashed potatoes, sour cream pound cake, sour cream cheesecake, sour cream frittata, sour cream scrambled eggs, chipotle crema - Google these now yum yum sour cream!
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I have often substituted it for yogurt--and vice versa--in pretty much any recipe that calls for it, such as cold cucumber soup or tzatziki.
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You can add it to scrambled eggs/omelets if you're making a lot. Whisk it in with the eggs.

Enchiladas often call for sauce poured on and then quite a bit of crema or sour cream poured all over. (See this recipe.)

Much like crème fraîche, think you could probably sweeten it up with vanilla/orange/almond extract and honey (or brown sugar, or whatever) and make a sauce for berries, fruit terrine or jello salad, not to mention pies, cakes and crumbles. (This recipe seems to support my theory.)
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Paprikash!! (link leads to an excellent AskMe with lots of recipes.) To go overboard you could do sour cream dumplings.
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Stroganoff uses a lot of sour cream. Yum!
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You could make a lot of these things (sour cream corn bread sprang to mind because I'm on a cornbread kick) and then freeze them for later. Corn bread muffins freeze pretty decently.

Sour cream quiche made in muffin tins are a good breakfast-on-the-go.

Even cheesecake freezes pretty well, going by Trader Joes' freezer case.
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Brown sugar sour cream ice cream. Serve with fresh nectarines or peaches.
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Thirding sour cream ice cream. It's life-changingly delicious with a bit of lemon zest mixed in during the making, and topped with berries. Sort of like really luxe cheesecake flavoured ice cream? It's so good.
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Sour cream can be substituted for mayonnaise in e.g., potato salad or BLTs. There must be rich cookie recipes that you could make now, freeze, and have your Christmas baking done early.
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Some of the best coleslaw I ever ate was a ton of shredded red cabbage mixed up with pounded garlic, greek yoghurt and mayonnaise - I think this would work really well with the sour cream in place of the yoghurt.

Also, cream cheese, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and a little chipotle sauce makes a really delicious dip for chips/veggies/anything.
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Use it where you might make a cheese/white sauce too, like add cheese to it for your mac & cheese or cauliflower cheese, use instead of a creamy sauce over pasta, bake scalloped potatoes smothered in it.
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Nachos for the neighborhood!
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We use a lot of sour cream, but in small doses - we basically add it to almost everything we eat. Roasted veg? Put a dollop of sour cream on the plate to dip in. Creamy broccoli soup? Add a spoon of sour cream before eating. Steaks? Pork chops? Beef stew? Chili con carne? Always some sour cream on the plate. It's like mayo but feels less greasy.

Another idea: tuna spread - mix it with canned tuna, mash with a fork, add spices to your taste, spread on bread.
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I am ALL about Paprikash!

I have a yummy enchilada recipe.

Corn tortillas
Sour Cream
Shredded Mexican Cheese
1 can green chilies

Simmer the chicken in a pot with the Rotel and garlic. Boneless is easier, but bone in is okay too. When the chicken is done, let it cool and shred it. Reserve the juices. Add the can of chilies, sour cream and cheese and mix thoroughly, adding the Rotel bits from the cooking as desired (or add a whole new can). This is the filling.

Using the corn tortillas like you would lasagna noodles, line a greased baking dish with the first layer. Spread some sour cream on them (I'm kind of a sour cream fanatic) and then layer the chicken mixture, some cheese, tortillas, etc. At the top layer do sour cream and chicken. Bake until the cheese is chewy and wonderful.

That'll use up your sour cream.
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Alsatian Flammkuchen are delicious especially if you use about twenty times the amount of sour cream you think you need.
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In the days before commercially-available yogurt, we used to eat sour cream with jam mixed in.
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My favourite chocolate icing (for cakes, etc) is sour cream based. It uses 2 1/5 cups for one recipe's worth.
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Mix it with brown sugar and plop it on blueberries or layer it with blueberries for maximum sour cream
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Sour cream quiche is really good.
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My mom and aunt both used to make this chicken recipe for company. It's pretty much just chicken breasts, dried beef, bacon, sour cream, and cream of mushroom soup. Not healthy, but shamefully tasty.

If you make it, consider rinsing a bit of the salt off the dried beef before getting started. Be sure the top of the dish gets nice and brown before you declare it done.
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Came here to suggest sour cream enchiladas, but Ruthless Bunny beat me. We like to get a cooked rotisserie chicken for the meat requirement. We also mix in a can of cream of chicken soup with the sour cream.

This is one of those recipes that gets better as it sits in the refrigerator. Fresh out of the oven is good. Two days later when you are taking it to work for lunch, that is when this recipe shines.
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Is it the giant tub of sour cream from Costco? Because I promise you it will last a lot longer than you think. I've only had to throw away a significant quantity once. However, I am of elizardbits' and gakiko's ilk; sour cream is life and it belongs in or on pretty much every food.

Potato salad made baby red or fingerling potatoes and a dressing of sour cream, a bit of mayo, and blended with fresh parsley, dill, and chives.

Ree Drummond's Sour Cream Noodle Bake is pretty great as well. I often replace half the sour cream with blended cottage cheese, but that's because I usually have cottage cheese that needs to be used (and it also ups the protein content).
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Sour cream banana bread *pardon me while I swoon* uses quite a bit of sour cream and freezes really well.

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If you freeze it, it will change the texture a bit, but you could freeze it in smallish containers, and use it in dips, baking, mashed potatoes, etc.

Sour cream(or yogurt) and brown sugar is delicious as a dip for strawberries. I'm lactose-intolerant, and this is making me crave sour cream so much.
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(green valley organics makes lactose free sour cream! i haven't been able to find it yet so i'm not sure how tasty it is, though. but their yogurt is great and i eat it all the time. )
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Most muffins freeze and reheat well (30 secs in the microwave) ime, so batches and batches of some of those delicious muffin recipes mentioned above could be stored and reheated at later dates. Imagine, you could have a hot (practically fresh out of the oven) tasting muffin every day for breakfast!
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Sour cream gratin, especially cold the next day for breakfast.
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