Video suggestions for a classical music obsessed 12 year old w/ austim?
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My nephew is a musical genius- perfect pitch, memorized discography of most prominent classical composers, and he plays clarinet and piano (also almost any instrument he picks up.) He has autism and has been preoccupied with the Baby Einstein (and language and Beethoven) series since he was very, very young (a baby). I think one of the reasons he still holds onto it and will watch it over and over is because it's visually and musically interesting with out having a plot that his attention cannot hold onto or is too difficult to grasp emotionally. Anyone have recommendations for music/band films that would be appropriate for a 12 year old that is visually interesting with out a plot? He has watched almost every Disney and classic musical out there, but I wonder if there is something like the BE series, but more mature. Thanks!
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Classic Arts Showcase is apparently online for viewing. Might be a good start.
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Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi, perhaps?

(there's a third one too, but I haven't seen it) You might want to check them out first for age-appropriateness, but I don't recall anything too 'adult' in them.
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He might like Philip Glass's Koyaanasqati trilogy.
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And a note on Koyaanasqatsi- no adult material, though the first one is probably the darkest.
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The cartoon of Peter and the Wolf?
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The Beatles' Yellow Submarine!
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Winged Migration or Babies?
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Allegro non Troppo
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There are cartoon settings of Holst's Planets, Tchaikovsky Nutcracker & Swan Lake, and Peter and the wolf as mentioned above (if his main instrument is clarinet then he'd probably like the last one!). I remember watching them on VCR as a kid but wouldn't know where to get them now.

There's also a series called Mel-O-Toons that apparently do some cartoon adaptations of classical music, but I don't think I've ever watched any of it so can't vouch for it.

Might he be interested in ballet? Nice music, a lot of people dancing in pretty costumes (except for Rite of Spring. Never get him the original Rite of Spring ballet. Scarring stuff.)
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Yo-Yo Ma did a series of videos called Inspired by Bach exploring J.S. Bach's unaccompanied cello suites, in which he collaborated with other artists (and practitioners of other disciplines). There's linear narrative describing the individual projects, but not plot per se.
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You might try the Daft Punk movies, like Interstella 5555, and Tron Legacy. Maybe Electroma, though I haven't seen it.
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Oops, it's not classical music. Sorry about that.
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Amadeus (not the director's cut, that would be inappropriate).
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Does it matter if there's a plot, so long as there's also plenty of music? Does it need to be "classical" or are generally orchestral works fine? Because I'd take a look at recordings of musical plays and/or operas (thinking lighter stuff like Gilbert & Sullivan, Andrew Lloyd Weber or the Peter Pan stage play, that sort of thing) if that sort of thing would work.

You mentioned Disney, so I assume you've already shown him Fantasia and Fantasia 2000, right?

Depending on how easily entranced he is by abstract visuals, you could even try finding a good visualizer plugin for an MP3 player on your computer. I personally like the MilkDrop plugin for Winamp (which you can download from that link).
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Fantasia. The opening Bach sequence, especially.
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Classic Arts Showcase is fantastic.
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I came in to say Allegro non Troppo, too. It's like Fantasia, which I assume he loves if he's a Disney fan - in fact, I think it was intended as something between an homage and a parody - and it's certainly somewhat more mature.
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Have you tried just videos of symphony performances? Maybe that does not hold his interest visually, but it might musically, or maybe seeing the musicians as they play would be fascinating to him.
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May I suggest you watch Allegro non Troppo first before showing it to him? It is indeed wonderful, but there is a scene in it so sad that I am crying again just remembering it.
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Not classical music, but I think the film Heima by Sigur Ros might captivate him.
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Not sure how well it meets the visually interesting criterion, but there's a bunch of Glenn Gould on YouTube. "So you want to write a fugue" is fun.
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My Many Colored Days - this is a video where an orchestra plays music fit to a reading of a Dr. Seuss work which isn't as silly as his usual stories. I haven't seen it in many years but IIRC the images are largely shapes and colors.
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HBO made a series of three AWESOME animated films called "Classical Baby" a few years ago. Here's the music episode (the other episodes were "art" and "dance"). They are so very good. I will sometimes watch them myself, with no kids around. All three are on DVD.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I've picked up a few of these and we'll see what he responds to.
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