Regular, temporary evening meeting space in Manhattan?
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I'm working with two collaborators on a project, and I'm looking for a small temporary meeting space for three people, somewhere in Manhattan, for use only in the evenings.

I'm working with two collaborators on a professional/pro-bono architecture project, but we all live in different locations -- except for the fact that we all pass through the lower half of Manhattan on our way to/from work. We're renovating our usual office space is under construction, and we're temporarily taking side projects, so long story short, we're only meeting twice a week.

So, for the next two months, I need a space with wifi, and a desk with three chairs, that I could reliably access from around 6pm - 10pm, twice a week. We'd be bringing our own laptops.

I'm not looking for cafes/bars to work in. I'm explicitly looking for places designed for working, and that would that have such a space with availability and would be willing to rent it out for a small fee. Co-working spaces would be ideal, but ~$500/mo is higher than what we want to pay, since we won't be meeting that often at all. It kills me to know that the city is full of spaces that empty out at the end of the day, and I'm wondering if AskMe knows any spaces or suggestions that would be amenable to such an arrangement.

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What's your budget? REV is $9 an hour

29 9th Avenue
Meatpacking District, New York, NY 10014
(212) 257-2172

Here's a link to more
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Have you heard of Breather? I have heard great things and they have a NYC location!
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Many churches rent out basement and chapel space to bring in a little money.
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REV is closed, actually - and I've heard of Breather, but at $25/hr, two 4-hour meetings a week would be $800/mo.
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