How can I provide a VPN connection for someone in China
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Hi Everyone I would like to help a friend in China access Bloomberg, Youtube and a few other sites unaccessible from China. I have a few spare computers, can use Linux, Mac etc. Any ideas? I thought about Remote Desktop but perhaps a VPN solution will be better. Thanks! BB
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You looked into hosting a tor node?

Unless you have a super super fast connection, relaying a VPN connection would limit this guy to a portion of your upload speed (probably way slower).
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Good point. I will make sure the network upload speed here is fast
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He should ask bloomberg. You pay a shitton of money for what is quite good customer service.
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I'm not sure if this is still functional (and not currently in China) but it seems like a decent option.

If you're technologically inclined, you could set up your own AWS server and get them to connect to it. I've found instructions on how to do that in the past but it escapes me right now.

Another option is to purchase a VPN for them.
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Oh, they also sell VPNs on Taobao. If the person you're helping is Chinese, or half-fluent in Chinese, they can probably find one there for much cheaper than the western alternatives.
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Can your friend in China run Linux or OS X? If so, all you would need to do is provide an account on a local Linux box (I myself use a cheap VPS) via ssh and then they would run sshuttle to tunnel all their local traffic (including DNS queries) over that connection. If that is not possible you could also use OpenVPN but that is more difficult to set up.
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I'd say go with a VPS and either set up OpenVPN or simply just have them run the web traffic through an ssh tunnel.
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Hi Everyone

Thank you for the pointers. I think I will set up an OpenVPN server on one of my computers or on VM Ware.

Thanks again,

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