Financial Assistance for Adding New Siding With Insulation.
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I posted a question last year about safely scraping peeling lead paint from my house and repainting. Pros estimate $25-30K (yikes!). One reply suggested that "It cheaper to just get rid of the old wood siding and just install some new one. If you do that, you might want to look into adding insulation; there could be programs that would provide some financial assistance." Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to find such a program? FWIW I'm in Westchester county in NY state.
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Talk to your power company.
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I'm pretty sure Con Ed doesn't have a program for this. But check out their website. Its mostly Appliance and HVAC.

You may want to see if there is a state mandated program that Con Ed doesn't advertise.
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The financial incentives go for the cost of insulation (i.e., reducing your energy costs and the demands on the grid), not the cost of removing your siding.
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So there is a program for insulation - you'd probably need to show that taking the siding off to improve the insulation was necessary, and it appears that the state requires there be a reasonable ROI. Also the benefit is means tested.

If you are below the household income threshold its at least worth asking someone about it.
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I was also coming in to suggest the Nyserda program. We had an energy audit and had some work done sealing the basement, new windows, insulation etc. and paid about half of the price because we qualified for assistance. A local company did the energy audit first, then gave us a report with several "tiers" of work that could be done and at what price, and that company also arranged for the different contractors.
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We got our siding re-done thru a local org called HRA, which is funded by HUD. You probably have something similar in your neck of the woods. It is of course income-dependent, and you have to kind of take what they make you take. (Like, we would have rather not have vinyl siding, but it was a no-go to get anything else, because of the cost.) We got a 30 year no interest (and no payments for 30 years) loan plus grants to update all our windows and do the siding and do lead abatement inside. They couldn't even take off our siding because it was lead--they had to cover it.
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