Hurricane preparedness - When the power goes out
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I have a battery operated NOAA weather radio, but can you recommend a battery operated small over-the-air (terrestrial) TV. I have looked at Amazon and found a RCA DHT235A 3.5-Inch LED-lit 720p 60Hz TV. Bonus if it can run off a 12V battery as well. (I am in N. Florida)
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I've got that RCA, and I've had opportunity to use it a couple of times. It works surprisingly well, though it's worth investing in an external antenna if you're not too close to the transmitters.
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To run things off 12v, just get an inverter. Pretty useful.
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Inverters are very efficent, and can run all sorts of things that are hard to find battery powered. Your 110 average radio draws very little power, you can look at the back for watt ratings. You should be able to run something like this Kitchen TV for quite awhile on a car battery.
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Response by poster: I am getting the RCA (from Amazon), although boilermonster led me to the Tl709 7" Portable. Unfortunately Amazon could only offer two used ones.
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