Who was Barry Wom's (The Rutles) mystery bride?
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I recently re-watched the wonderful mockumentary "All You Need Is Cash" and once again the joke about Barry Wom's bride to be and the Scotsmen from Hull flew right over my head.

Most (if not all) jokes in "All You Need Is Cash" build on actual The Beatles'... things, as we all know. But as far as I know Ringo Starr never did anything even remotely similar to ending up "with a different bride" and finding the girl of his dreams in the arms of some Scotsmen from Hull. Is this - really rather funny, in its own right - sketch just pure nonsense or does it refer to some event in Ringo Starr's life?

Here's the sketch in question.
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I always assumed it was Pythonesque nonsense.
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Probably nonsense.

Could be a reference to Maureen of whom Sinatra later sang: "She married Ringo, and she could have had Paul/That's why the lady is a champ" (ref)
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Paul was engaged to Jane Asher for years and then married Linda Eastman. Could be a reference to that?
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Is it just the perception that Ringo was a bit dumber than the others?
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