How to hide a pair of HDTV wall mounts?
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I'm about to rent an apartment that has a pair of HDTV mounts; one in the living room, and a smaller one in the bedroom. Anyone got any ideas for creative, non-destructive repurposings for wall mounted HDTV racks?

The owners have politely asked me to not take them down, as the walls were just painted and removing them would be ugly.

I'm one of those people who don't really enjoy TVs in my bedroom. Maybe I'd get used to it, maybe not. All I know is that I'll have exactly one TV when I move in. I may or may not wall mount it in the living room. Haven't decided yet. Who's feeling creative? For reference purposes, I like cocktails, tiki culture, long walks on the, wait, that last one's not germane...
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Mount art or maybe a mirror on it?
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Dart board
White board
Black board
Back board
Water board
Surf board
Sex accessories
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Those mounts, if properly screwed into studs, are pretty dang strong.

Is it a tilting mount? Are there conduits for cables to go through the wall?

The first thing that came to mind is a wall mounted bar with lights. Like this. If it doesn't tilt, and you've got conduits, you could attach the things that normally screw into the back of the TV to a simple box. I'm thinking a trip to Ikea is called for. Pick up some some of those cheap LED under kitchen cabinet lights while you're there.

The height might make it a bit awkward. And a bar in the bedroom might be a bit tacky, but it is probably equal in tackiness to a bedroom TV.
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Wall-mounted planters, like this? If it's an adjustable mount, you could even turn & adjust the planter to take best advantage of light.
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A floor mirror if you have the space.
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Depending on the type of mount (telescoping, low profile, etc.) and how ugly/big the center bracket (flush to the wall) is, you could try some DIY shelving for some light items (tiki cups or souvenirs).

If it's a universal mount, you should be able to adjust the width of the vertical brackets and there should be many holes in them for installation of various TVs that you could attach a floating shelf to.

Of course this is conjecture, as a floating shelf and the shelf contents may not hide the entire bracket, and depending on the shelf/TV bracket you may not have room to attach the shelf from behind with hex nuts no the vertical brackets and/or the vertical brackets may not extend wide enough to make for a useful shelf.

Alternatively you could get a canvas painting/print which doesn't need a frame (like many you see at Target and Home Goods). These usually have a "hollow" recess of around an inch or slightly more. So, if it's a low profile bracket you may be able to rest the rear/top of the poster/painting directly on the brackets.

I'd say for sake of ease, the suggestion of a painting, which pracowity mentioned as well, might be the way to go.

Just make sure you measure the distance from the wall to the front of the most extended part of the bracket and the height of the entire bracket... if it's adjustable, also measure the smallest width it can go as well as the largest, so you know whatever you get will completely hide it, and be able to be centered on it.
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Can you install shelving just below the bracket, then pile books or other things on them to hide them?
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