Best starter mattress?
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Outfitting my new apartment and I'm in need of a queen-size mattress... price range $200-$600. I like soft beds but don't have a great back either, and generally I sleep well in hotel beds. Already have an Ikea bed and slightly flexible slatted base--can I put a memory foam mattress directly on top of this setup? Otherwise, what mattress should I acquire and where, which will arrive in under a week? Thanks in advance!
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Get thee to Costco!! Decent prices on good quality mattress sets. Delivery may need to be arranged on your own or check out

If you must go to a mattress store I have found that the magic phrase to use is "I am looking for a new Queen mattress for my GUEST ROOM." Bam! Suddenly they show you decent but not top of the line mattresses that are on sale. No hard pressure sales! I guess they figure you are not looking to spend a fortune or want a lot of bells and whistles.
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I have an Ikea memory foam topper on top of a cheap mattress and I'd highly highly recommend that combination. It was their priciest/nicest topper, a few inches thick. I think mine was about 200$ for a queen. I like it better than pretty much any hotel bed I sleep in.
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We have an Ikea mattress and love it. Their foam mattresses are within your price range. They've changed the names some, but ours is firm latex, which it sounds like might be too firm for you. I can highly recommend that you check them out and see if one meets your needs.
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I meant to say that Ikea foam mattresses are specifically designed to go on their slatted beds.
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Previously and previously and previously.
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I personally own this memory foam mattress that I ordered off of Amazon almost 2 years ago, and I really like it. I can't speak to how it would do on top of an Ikea frame, but what I did was just purchase a piece of plywood from Home Depot, and I put that on top of my pre-existing bed slats. If you have Amazon prime, you could probably get this mattress by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
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I bought a Sealy Mirrorform memory foam mattress from Costco for under $600 (price was $579 for a queen but we got it on sale for $479). That was two or three years ago. Ordered off the website and were told if we didn't like it, we had up to two years to return it. And if we did decide to return it, they would pick it up from our place free of charge.

We use it on a platform bed (bought at Sears, sorry can no longer find a link to it) with slats. No box spring and it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.
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Dream Foam.

You're welcome.
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You could go for a Tuft and Needle American-made mattress. Queen size is $400, the quality seems pretty good.
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I have and love this one. I've had it for 3 years and love it so much I could marry it. It's firm yet soft (because it molds to your body) and well within your price range. We have ours directly on slats and it's fine.
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Taking the jump and ordering the Sleep Innovations bed recommended by rabbitrabbit, after much decision-agony--thanks everyone for the input and recs!
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