What's a nice dinner date spot in Budapest?
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What's a good dinner (first-)date spot in Budapest for a couple of twenty-somethings? I'm 25, they're 28. I'd prefer Pest side, something not too loud, not super expensive by Budapest-ian standards.
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If you like Indian, Kashmir is really good. Quiet, nice atmosphere, not too far from Parliament. I found the prices to be reasonable.
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I like the Zeller Bistro - closest to the Vörösmarty Utca stop on the little metro. Also good is Petrus, near a 51 trolley stop, or the Klinikák stop on the blue metro. Petrus is on a quiet little green park, I liked the atmosphere there last summer.
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Best answer: I was on a date-ish thing in Pest at M, it was super cozy. The electricity went out for a few minutes, but that was probably random chance, plus it's kinda romantic.

Other good places we went to in District VII:
  • Kőleves kert, a big open garden with pebbles, lively but not loud.
  • Ellátó kert, a truly lovely garden "ruin pub"-ish place with tacos.
  • The Hummus Bar on Kertész utca, kinda fast food-ish, but it's great, and the upstairs seating is quite cozy (very Israel themed).
Generally, I found SpottedByLocals to have great tips for Budapest, and there's so many amazing venues there, it's crazy. You could plan a whole night in District VII and never go 50 meters without stumbling on some memorable, awesome place.
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This is on the Buda side, but one of my favorite places was Szep Ilona. You used to get to it via the 56 tram from Moszkva ter a couple of stops, maybe 5 minutes or even a pleasant walk if it's nice out. (Although a quick look at a B.P. transit map suggests that what was the 56 is now the 61? You'll want to sanity check it yourself.) They have outdoor seating too, which can be really nice in the summer.

It's been a few years since I've been there but their website indicates it's still around.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! We're going to Koloves Kert which I walked past and it looks lovely and not too crowded. I'm sure the other suggestions are similarly fantastic -- Budapest seems to have a knack for fantastic venues.
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