Are we spending too much on bus fare in Sydney?
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Currently my partner commutes to work from Enmore to Lane Cove. It is costing around $12 per day, I've googled around for cheaper ways but come up with nothing - are we missing some way to cut the cost or do we have to suck it up?

The problem is it takes two buses to get to work and Sydney doesn't seem to have a 'ticket valid for 1hr after you punch it' thing going on so every time you board the bus you pay. We both have opal cards but they're not taken on one of his buses yet. Is there any way to cut this cost?
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Most common option is a quarterly/yearly adult mymulti [pick zone as applicable].

For example, if a mymulti 1 worked for your situation, a yearly adult ticket is about $7/working day, and a quarterly one is $7.50 - that's assuming you never use it on weekends!

A mymulti 1 is valid for unlimited use on "All regular bus services in the metropolitan and outer metropolitan area" which should work for what you want?
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A seven-day MyMulti1 ticket will cost you $46 and get you on all Sydney buses. That's $9 a day vs $12. You could also investigate taking the train from Stanmore to St Chatswood and catching a bus from there to Lane Cove.
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I have on numerous occasions attempted to justify buying a folding bike.

He could bike one of the legs and then catch the bus at the transfer point, carrying the folding bike with him?

This solution only makes sense if, a: you think folding bikes are cool, and b: you like biking. But google maps does show a lot of bike paths there.
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Supposedly the opal cards are being rolled out to all buses by the end of the year. So don't get an annual MyMulti unless you are pessimistic about this deadline. A quarterly will save you some money, though.
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