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Kindle filter: How can I disable popular highlights? The Help instrux aren't much help, i.e., they don't work. (I have Kindle across several platforms.) HELP!
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On the iOS app, it's the settings gear in the bottom right corner, Other (all the way at the bottom), toggle "Popular Highlights" off
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If you're using an actual non-Fire Kindle, it's Menu >>> Settings >>> page 3 (using the page forward keys). "Popular Highlights" is the third option down; scroll down to it and hit the 5-way button to toggle on or off.
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(i think you will have to do it for every app you use, that is, doing it on your kindle will work for that, but the settings won't "take" to when you read on your phone)
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I also use Kindle across several platforms and I think misanthropicsarah is right about disabling the option on every platform.

On a Kindle 2 (the type without a touch screen), go to Home > Menu key > Settings and press the page forward button until you see the Popular Highlights option, and turn it off.

In Kindle for Mac, go to Kindle > Preferences > Annotations tab and clear the Popular Highlights option.

Kindle for Android and the Kindle Cloud Reader don't appear to support highlights/annotations.
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On the Kindle Touch, it's Menu — Settings — Reading Options — Popular Highlights.

By "Menu" here I mean the menu from the home screen; if you choose the menu while within a book you get a different set of options, which doesn't include Settings.

Doesn't help my problem, which is that I'd like popular highlights on for non-fiction and off for fiction without having to switch it every time I switch books.
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