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I'm getting hitched! On September 6th! My dress doesn't fit, and it needs to be altered.

I am in need of wedding dress alterations on somewhat short notice (apparently a month is short notice!). Does anybody have any recommendations of a quality establishment or of excellent people that handle wedding dresses in the Twin Cities/St. Cloud area? Particularly if they are open on weekends. I am only in the Cities/St. Cloud are on weekends until the wedding, and will not be carting my dress back to the North Shore to get it altered.

I know that I could JFGI, but I have, but I would rather ask Mefites than just guessing.

Secondary question: One place that The Googles recommended would work for me time- and location-wise is the Sew It! store in the mall. I have always thought those places were for simple alterations like pant hems, etc. Do people take their wedding dresses to quick-sew mall shops?

I need the hem lifted, a button sewn on, and the bustline taken in a bit. I could do the button myself but would rather just get it all done at once by a professional. Dress is raw silk and it really does need to be done by the end of August. Memail is awesome too!
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Here is a place to try--I hear good things about them Sew Simple http://www.sewsimple.us
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My sister has had bridesmaid's dresses altered and a jacket repaired at the Stitch IT Clothing Alterations store in Crossroads Center (St. Cloud).

I had my bridal dress altered by Sodara Ung - she works out of her house in Eagan and I think she had pretty flexible hours. 651-686-6144
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Amy Jane Studio is faaaaaantastic. She works out of her home in St. Paul and does wedding dresses almost exclusively. A coworker recommended her to me when I needed to alter a bridesmaid dress that no longer fit (not pregnant when dress was ordered, 8 months pregnant at time of wedding, WHOOPS) and she did a terrific job and was reasonably priced.
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You could try Nordstrom at the Mall of America. They have an on-site alterations department. I've had a few things altered at the one in Oak Brook, IL and they always do a great job.
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I had mine done at Nordstrom and I would recommend it. The turn around time in the spring was only about 2 weeks and I am guessing it would be the same or less right now.
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I just worked with Kay Mrachek who works out of Brides of France in Edina, as well as her home (also in Edina). She was super flexible, fast, and did great work. Turnaround was about 3 weeks. I had 4 fittings but that's because I had a raw edge hem that she didn't want to cut until the last minute, and several layers of skirt to be bustled. Brides of France would have her contact information.
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