Grapes for outdoor patio
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We planted six grapevines under the trellised roof of our outdoor deck. We planted them by six wood post that are 4x4 and 8 feet tall. What are the best ways to keep these new vines thriving?

These are all pretty leafy and some of them even have bundles of grapes on them. They are about two feet tall. We want them to grow strong for the roof cover.

Should we cut the grapes off that are already there?
How long does this whole process take?
We are watering them every three or four days is that enough? In intermountain west US.
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Sounds like you put them under cover. Grapes need direct sunshine to prosper.
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You're supposed to prune back any grapes in the beginning. Here are some good tips. Chocolate Pickle, I think OP is training the grapes on a trellis to form a roof, and they're not under cover, if I'm understanding right.
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I hate to be a downer, but we ripped out the grapes we were growing on a trellis next to our deck, due to the crazy influx of wasps. It made that part of the yard uninhabitable. We still have grapes along the fence line, about ten feet from the deck, and that works out much, much better. Assume you will have drunken, giddy swarms of wasps where you have ripening grapes, and plan accordingly.
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yea, I have to add a word of caution too - I had a beautiful-looking canopy of grape vines over my back deck, and this year we cut them down because they made such a horrible mess. They drop leaves all year, which turn into slippery sludge when in contact with wood, as well as little bits of sticks, and unripened grapes. When the grapes are actually ripe, they fall all over the place and made walking over the deck like wading through eyeballs. Then there were the nightly raccoon fiestas. I had to spend half an hour cleaning before I could sit out on the deck.
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I've been growing a few varieties of grapes on a trellis system in my garden. I cannot comment on how messy grapes will be on a deck as others have warned but I am planning on building a grape arbor in my lawn next year.

Here's a outline of how to train your grapes (Texas A&U link) and a really detailed grape growing guide (Oregon State Extension PDF link).

Early each spring I've been going to a fruit pruning demonstration given by the extension service in my area (normally apple, peach, grape and blueberry) and it's a great refresher. Check to see if your area has one.

Good luck with the grapes!
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