Most flexible travel website?
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Looking for a website that will let me look at multi-leg international travel that's also flexible about dates so I can poke around for best fare options.

Surprised I couldn't find something like this in older quesitons. Oribitz has limited partners they search. Travelocity doesn't have flexible date searching. Who has flexible date searching of multiple airlines for multi-leg travel?
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Kayak is my usual go-to, although Google's native flight search might be about as good. I believe Kayak has this functionality; at the least it gives some info about fares other searchers have found for adjacent dates.
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Best answer: The Secret Flight Search Site Savvy Travelers Use (it's ITA Matrix).
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Best answer: Skyscanner is my favourite because it lets you choose completely unspecified dates, by entire month, or by day. It also allows you to search for unspecified 'To' airports (so you can choose either the entire world, a whole country or a city) as well as 'From' to be either an airport, city or country.

Basically it makes for very easy exploration for flexible travellers.
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Best answer: I have numerous booked flights through the sites mentioned thus far — ITA Matrix, Kayak, and Skyscanner. Skyscanner works great, but be very careful when booking through them. Here's why:

For the past year or so, Skyscanner has been my go to flight search engine. However, it seems that the site — I assume in order to make more money — is increasingly linking to really awful third party booking agents. While these booking sites often advertise the lowest fares, they are rife with hidden fees, criminal exchange rates, impenetrable customer service, and all sorts of other problems that I've encountered.

It's really a shame, as the Skyscanner platform itself was good, but I can't say the same about many of the third party websites that they link to.
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