urban development making a difference with open source?
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I am finding British social entrepreneurs and charity leads to be very timid about expansion for expansion's sake. I am trying to find more compelling global voices who have shared an urban development idea in an open source way. Not at all in an IT sense, I should add. Bonus if it has zero to do with lending with interest.
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Can you expand on that a little bit? I think what you're asking isn't clear.
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I run a charity that you can find on your own, for urban development. I am find in i am finding a lot of the charities and social enterprises involved with making goods and services to be very anemic. I am looking for examples of charities and social enterprises even government agencies that have gone open source way to create useful community structures.
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What do you mean by "open source"? It has a very specific meaning in an IT context, but not to my knowledge outside of that.

Also what is a "structure" in this context? A physical structure like play equipment?
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