Nook HD+ won't read .epub books
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My daughter's Nook HD+ has decided it won't read the .epub books I sideloaded onto it from a PC.

I understand that Adobe doesn't support communication between its Digital Editions on a PC and ADE on the Nook HD, but even when I transfer .epub books by dragging to the "Books" directory using Windows Explorer, they won't open on the Nook. They show up as generic files, but when I tap one, it just blinks. I tried deleting and re-registering ADE, and refreshing the Library, and resetting the Nook with the 20-second power button push, and everything else I've been able to find online. Some of these books used to open, but no longer do. I went to B&N, and all they could suggest is re-registering the Nook, which would erase all the data and return it to its original state. My daughter objects to that, because games!

PDF books open and read fine. The particular books I bought are apparently not available as PDFs.

Anyone have any ideas about what to do?
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Try using Calibre instead of Adobe. It may work. The books are just normal epub, right? Not DRMed?
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Also, have you tried transferring the books within ADE? If you're using Windows Explorer and bypassing ADE, that could be the problem right there.
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Response by poster: BibiRose: As I said, Adobe has not made ADE work to transfer things to the Nook HD. ADE on the PC does not recognize the Nook, so you have to go around it.

Some of the books are normal, some (the ones I paid money for) are DRM'd.
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Best answer: You can use calibre to remove the DRM, as well as to convert them to PDFs, .mobi, .html, .rtf, etc. (You need to remove the DRM before converting.) You might try converting one to mobi or html and back just to see if it makes any difference.

Does your nook have the software update that lets you download apps from the google play store? If so try downloading an ereading app (aldiko, moon reader, fbreader, etc.) and opening the books that way.

Does the nook have a settings menu where you can update the existing apps or remove/reinstall them? If so, see what you can do with the ADE app.

Finally, this is pretty silly but it's worth making sure your files have the correct extensions (relevant if your Windows is set to hide extensions).
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Response by poster: Calibre did the trick, after I got the DeDRM plug-in. Thanks!
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Sounds like you are happy with calibre. If you need to use ADE for any reason, you can, but you have to register your copy of ADE on your nook. (Go to Settings, then Account Settings on the left, then Adobe Digital Editions and put in your account info. Again, you will need to transfer the books directly from ADE and not with Windows.) I hate ADE anyway and it will not work with DRMed (non-Nook) books.
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Response by poster: Yes. I have ADE registered (and re-registered, in a failed attempt to open the books) on the Nook.

Once again, ADE on a PC does not recognize the Nook HD, because Adobe hasn't bothered to implement that. That makes it impossible to use ADE to transfer books from a PC to the Nook HD.
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