What music is in this video about the invention of the high-five?
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Help me identify the music in this great little baseball video.

I just found this little video on kottke.org, on the invention of the high-five. It's great, and I really love the music in the background, but I can't identify it. What's playing?

I went through it with my soundhound app, but I only got one song: "Funky Fanfare" by Keith Mansfield. Can you find any more?
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The credits list the Mondo Boys - Website and Youtube Search

I'm not sure specifically which tracks these are, but a lot of the music is somewhat similar. And fun!

That short video was really great, too, so thank you.
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I also searched for Mondo Boys mixes that used Funky Fanfare and couldn't find any, but I did find this mix, which is less mash-up-y and more straight funk, but may still be relevant. And is somehow also "Mondo."
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