Software to print a Photo Book at home
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I want to create a photo album to print with my inkjet printer. I've been googling around but haven't found any workable software. The search results are too crowded with online printing providers.

I tried Snapfish's "Print at Home" and it's great, almost perfect, but the image quality is too poor, the output for print reduces my high-resolution images and comes out blurry no matter all I tried to fix it.

I'm using Windows XP or Linux. I'm looking for stylish photobooks like Snapfish or Apple's.
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Photo Projects
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Blurb will let you buy just a high-quality print-ready PDF of a project laid out in their BookSmart software for $4.99. We just did a 100-page photo book through them and the layout was super easy. Do not do this if you have a lot of text+photo pages, captions are fine though. I am a bit fussy about kerning etc so for big titles, I would do them outside in photoshop etc and save them as image files to place within BookSmart as its text controls are basic. But nice looking photobook layouts and easy to set up and run.
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