GUH-luuuuuee? 70s/80s frozen pizza commercial
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I've been trying to find a vintage frozen pizza commercial from the late 70s or early 80s. I've no idea why the particular commercial is stuck in my head, but it's like an ear worm. Until I can find and watch the thing, I shall be forever haunted by the memory.

The brand of pizza escapes me, but it was something along the lines of a family sitting around a table while a voice over says something about how many pizzas don't use real cheese and instead use casein, a main ingredient in glue.

This causes the family to look at the camera and exclaim, "GUH-luuuuuuue?" followed by the pitch for whatever pizza is being sold.

I'm absolutely positive about frozen pizza, casein and glue, but any of the other details may be wrong . . .
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Best answer: I found this Tony's Pizza Cleo Award blurb.
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That's kind of hilarious given that casein is also a "main ingredient" in cheese.
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Response by poster: That's kind of hilarious given that casein is also a "main ingredient" in cheese.

I know that now, but it seemed scandalous to the ~10 year old me.
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Response by poster: marimeko, I'm sure that's the one. Now to see if I can find it.
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OMG I remember that commercial! I did a search on YouTube and found a different Tony's Pizza commercial from the same decade. You can watch and see if the branding is the same as what you remember. I think quite a few brands at that time were saying they were "real cheese." Nothing else came up, but there's a lot of 80s commercials playlists that you can watch and hope it's in the mix.
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Response by poster: I'll keep looking around, but so far it seems like something that never made it on to the internet. Thanks for the great lead, marimeko.
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