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I'm interested in incorporating more macrobiotic meals into my current diet. What blogs or recipes do you suggest? Difficulty level: vegan!

After a stressful move to another province and endless job searching, I'm eating not as good as I would like and as a result, my body feels super gross. The yoga classes and cardio help, but having some more simple healthy meals would probably aid that process. So hit me, vegan MeFites, do you like macrobiotic eating? Occasional or full time?

(I have read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and her method fits nicely with what I want. So I want more of that, I guess?)
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I am having trouble understanding what your question is. "do you like macrobiotic eating? Occasional or full time?" feels like a poll of what people like. Are you taking a poll or are you asking for advice about how to eat macrobiotically? If you are asking about what I like, I generally do not like to eat macrobiotically on those days where I abstain from eating animal products. I prefer to eat vegetables and fungi.

Assuming that you are asking for "how-to" advice, the term "macrobiotic" generally refers to a diet based on whole grains like brown rice with vegetables being the other major component, so this is going to have a lot of overlap with vegan recipes. If you are looking for recipes, I would recommend searching the web for recipes from Japanese Buddhist cuisine, also known as shojin ryori.
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Not asking for a poll. If people like to eat macrobiotically, what resources--preferably vegan-friendly--would they suggest if they do eat that way.
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I'm about as far from vegan/macrobiotic as you can get, but an old family friend runs this site. She has been publishing macrobiotic cookbooks for most of my life.
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Macrobiotic cooking is essentially 100% vegan already. Some people eat a small amount of fish, so you can just skip that. The diet revolves entirely around grains and sea vegetables and beans and miso and soy and pickles and veggies. No dairy, no eggs, no meat present anywhere. It's like being interested in Paleo, but wondering if your love of meat will be compatible! I'm not aware of many blogs because it's not a currently popular diet, but I've had a few great cookbooks, including this nice hand-written one which has a blog-like vibe (cozy but filled with excellent, substantial information and recipes.)
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I'm a vegetarian who dabbles in vegan cooking and I love This Rawsome Vegan Life. Nearly all of the recipes are raw and definitely fits the bill for a macrobiotic diet. Doesn't hurt that the pics are pretty and the site is well organized!
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There is a vegan macrobiotic chain here in Australia whose menu should provide some visual inspiration (no recipes, but you get a good idea of how to make everything from the ingredients lists).

One distinctly macrobiotic (and delicious) thing about their food is the fusion of western vegan staples with Japanese ingredients like miso, kombu, tamari, etc. Eg here is the ingredient list for their awesome green split pea soup: Green Split Peas, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Carrot, Celery, Onion, Sea Salt, Garlic, White Miso, Konbu, Mirrin, Umeboshi Vinegar, Tamari, Pepper, Parsley.

(The food also illustrates one aspect of macro cooking that isn't particularly appealing to me anyway, which is a lack of strong spices. Some of it tends towards the slightly bland, which I think is intentional).
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Another distinctive macro-ey thing they do is serve most dishes with brown rice and pickled sprouts.
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