I need an expert in Middle Eastern demonology
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Can somebody help me identify the mythological or literary sources for the enemies in this Arabian Nights-themed video game?

When I was a kid I played the heck out of Defenders of Oasis. One of the things I really liked about it was how it drew from so many interesting sources for its enemy characters: Persian poems, Babylonian mythology, Lovecraft, Tolkien, Borges, etc. But there's a few that I can't seem to identify.

If you would, please, peruse this bestiary and help me figure out the inspiration for the following enemies:


As every single other enemy in the game has some sort of antecedent, I'm operating under the assumption that these aren't original creations, and I am really curious to find out where they came from, especially those last three.
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Taarmaty appears to be a winged naga. There's at least one winged representation of nagas if you google "Naga Kanya."
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I'm guessing that Taarmaty is a corruption of Tiamat, a Babylonian chaos goddess who gave birth to serpents and dragons, among other beasties. In the 1970's the creators of Dungeons and Dragons conflated her with later mythological creatures and turned her into a three-headed dragon, which is what the smaller sprite looks like to me. So the creature appears to be some mash-up of the Babylonian goddess, the Hindu and Buddhist snake gods known as nagas, and the D&D many-headed dragon version.
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Also the Marzu is a palette-swapped Pazuzu which is definitely the mythical Pazuzu.
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Dolge looks like Demogorgon with the baboon heads replaced.
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Zariche could be a corruption of "The Lich", though I'm not sure why it rated a "the" when nothing else did.
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