Birthday and Celebratory Gifs
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I'm the lady at my office who sends out the "Everyone please wish a Happy Birthday to X!" emails. I try to include a cute animated gif in all of them. I'm running out of birthday-themed gifs a few weeks into this game. Wanna help me compile celebration and birthday gifs?

I'm looking for any birthday-related gifs but also celebratory gifs that indicate the individual in question should be partying or has inspired all of us to also party.

Any cheesy animal gifs always work, or dance scenes from films the kids at my office maybe haven't seen, since I'm happy to make my own gifs (for instance, everyone in my office is in their 20s, so I used a gif of the taxicab dance scene from Fame yesterday and they were all like, "What's this dope old movie with people in short shorts and afros? I have never heard of it.")

I know I could dig through Tumblr, but that involves going through a million gifs of teen heartthrobs I've never heard of, so I thought a few people here might have a celebration gif repository of his or her own.
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google image search 'kid face cake' type:animated

There's nothing better than a kid falling into a cake.
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My default for happy hour invites is drunk & dancing Ron Swanson.
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this gif is my favourite omgomgomg
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Mark Ruffalo and a Muppet


Fresh Prince of Bel Air

and ok, this is purely self-indulgent because I know it's not appropriate for your purposes, but this makes me laugh every time I see it.
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conga rats
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I like this old computer one.
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I'm sorry to mark everything as best answer, but God, I really love it when every answer really is the best. These are so great!
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YMMV on celebratory, but this is the greatest birthday gif.
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Elaine dancing.

Kristen Wiig's 'I'm So Frickin' Excited from SNL (google image search it for a variety of fun gifs)
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If simple, drawn animated GIFs of cats made for different occasions sound good, then you need the cute animations featured on
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My office does this too, also with Someecards.
- for someone hitting a significant milestone
- for someone who is a bit older than the rest of the group

Gifs that have gone over well:
- this was for my bday
- grumpy cat of course
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Winnie the Pooh
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Also, I think that io9's weekly gif parties would be a good place to mine!
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This was my favorite thing when it was posted on my facebook wall for my last birthday.
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I am quite fond of these cats and these unicorns.
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I realized I should show the ones I've already used at work here so everyone has access to them. Adding more shortly.
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