What Am I Not Getting About Navigating the "Paywall-free" New Yorker?
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I am utterly failing trying to view this article on the temporarily paywall-free New Yorker website.

I keep getting a login window when I click on the article image. Happens in Chrome and Firefox. What am I not getting about accessing this awesome resource?
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Not everything is actually free. From longform.org:
"The New Yorker has lifted its paywall on stories published since 2007."
Your linked article does not meet the criteria stated.
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The FAQ states: "For a limited time, the full contents of every new issue, plus everything we’ve published since 2007, as well as select older stories, are freely available on newyorker.com. " So, I suppose the article is just too old?
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According to this, the paywall-free thing is for articles since 2007. That article you link to is from 1978.
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Response by poster: Ah. OK thanks!
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By the fuss folks were making, I too assumed all the juicy vintage stuff was free and have been bumping my nose against the awful search interface in multiple browsers. Since 2007--feh!
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