I want to wear pug-print underwear. How do I obtain it?
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I would like to wear female underwear with pugs on it, ideally something like this. I like the all-over print and the large pugnacious pug, but it doesn't seem to be available for sale. How can I obtain something like this online?

I do not want pug-related slogans, or single pugs relegated to one bit of the underwear, or underwear for pugs. I would like the underwear to ideally have one gigantic pug face on it, or a pattern of adorable pugs all over it.

I am female with a 25" waist, and usually wear a size S or M in underwear. I generally prefer bikini-style underwear. Also, I live in Singapore, so a website with international shipping would be very appreciated.
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How are you situated for seamstresses in your area? Spoon flower has lots of pug prints. Get a yard or three of a pug print you love (or a yard each of a few pug prints!) and have your underpants sewn locally. They offer a few knits.
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Did you even try? I am asking because it took me less than one minute to find this, this, this and this (admittedly, the last one is only sold in stores).
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Well, bless your heart, travelwithcats - I asked this question because Google kept giving me panties made expressly for pugs, and Cafepress pug thongs.
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