Need suggestions for women's dress socks to keep feet dry (no wool)
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I'm dealing with a bout of athlete's foot and the prevention tips say to keep feet dry. I have coolmax socks that work pretty well under my athletic shoes, but have no idea what to wear with dress shoes at work. I have a wool allergy so wool socks are a no-go.

Usually I wear nylon knee high stockings with my dress shoes, but they leave my feet pretty sweaty at the end of the day.

I've tried googling for moisture wicking dress socks and that leads to compression socks, which I'm not sure I need (I'm not diabetic and don't have circulation issues).

Other complicating issue: I have super-wide feet and need a thin sock because even EEEE shoes are a close fit.

My dress shoes are all black. Stylish socks would be a plus, but that's a secondary consideration only if the other conditions are met.
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Yep the nylon is not going to do, I'm thinking that you need to get socks with as much cotton as you can find....
Here are some women's cotton dress socks that claim to be extra roomy-- they are at the footsmart website.
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Bamboo is very drying and it's naturally antibacterial and antifungal as well. You can get socks made as bamboo jersey or bamboo rayon so they're moisture wicking. Thorlo's various blends (mostly non wool, plenty of dress socks) are beloved on the green as well.

Plenty of non diabetics wear non-prescription compression socks, btw. They are energizing, as they keep blood from pooling in the feet. There are those over the counter panty hose (Sheer Energy?) marketed that way.
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Perhaps silk socks?
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I'm not sure about the sizing or what's currently in stock, but I've been really impressed with Uniqlo's Heattech socks. I haven't tried their DRY socks, but would bet they're great too. (Sorry for no link; I'm on mobile at the moment.)
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I wouldn't rule out trying a pair of compression socks. I have some of the lighter ones leftover from my pregnancy and my feet feel better at the end of the day when I wear them.
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My suggestion would be to give knee high equestrian boot socks a try. Here's a couple I found that are moisture wicking and don't have outrageous patterns on them. If you want to explore more, note that a lot of popular tall boot socks (such as Zocks) are just nylon/spandex and are very thin but not especially moisture-wicking.
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This doesn't answer anything about the socks - I'm a guy who wears wool almost exclusively - but washing your feet thoroughly with Hibiclense twice a day, and drying EVERY TIME with a clean hand towel, will get rid of foot rot rather more quickly than the usual methods.
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