Aka, the effect of gamma rays on man in the moon marigolds
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Which nation has the most science-fiction readers per capita?

Really, I am just wondering if there is a correlation between populations that are science-fiction readers and education/national spending/social services, GDP, GNP, quality of life, etc.
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Remember that general literacy rates will also affect this and you'll need to take them into account--otherwise you run the risk of mistaking a correlation with general literacy and those indicators with that of science fiction readers, since people who read science fiction can only come from the proportion of the population that is already literate. And I suspect general literacy rates would be the much stronger correlation!
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What do you mean by science fiction?
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I know that Dutch, American, British, and Japanese share sci-fi ebooks on bittorrent. Russians, Germans, and Poles like to write military sci-fi fan-fiction.
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What do you mean by science fiction?

Dostoevsky as opposed to, say, Tolstoy.

In modern parlance, Douglas Coupland rather than Chuck Palahniuk. Or Douglas Adams rather than J.K. Rowling.
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