Wanted: Cat Proof Earphones
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During a recent cross country move I have lost two pairs of earphones. I also have a pair cheap wired over ear Sennheiser headphones and smaller pair of Sennheiser on ear headphones that I use at work. I'd like to replace all of these with one or two pairs of earphones or headphones that fits all my criteria.

I would like them to be as wireless as possible as my cat eats cords and adding a protective tube to the cord makes it ugly and bulky.
I'll be using them at work where I often only have one earphone in and take them off a lot.
I'll be using them at the gym when I use the machines (mostly to warm up).
I would like them to have some noise cancelling abilities for airplane travel.
I listen to audiobooks and music in bed so it would be nice if they were comfortable. (Most of the time I will sleep in my Sleepphones)

I have tried Shure earphones and they were just a bit too fiddly, had a bit of cord noise and even with off brand foam buds I couldn't keep them in my ears for long periods of time.

I'm in Australia and would like to spend less than $500 on this but could splurge for the right ones.
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Any etymotic (stick 'em into your ear canal) headphones will have some noise cancellation due to the fact that they plug your ears.
Wireless means Bluetooth headphones, connectible to smartphone or computer. Which is fine, but means the two 'phones will have to be linked either with a flexy band or a wire.
Your one-in-one-out wearing style probably eliminates the type where the two 'phones are connected by a flexy band that goes behind your head.
So maybe these Jabra Sport Wireless + are the best choice? Or at least this type?
It'll be like wearing two hearing aids connected by a wire behind your head, but should be comfortable for workouts & sleeping, and shouldn't be too bad if you wear one and let the other dangle (or put it in the breast pocket of a shirt?).
Looks like they're $129 at JB Hi-Fi. Just keep 'em away from the cat.
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I would like them to be as wireless as possible ... I would like them to have some noise cancelling abilities for airplane travel.

Not going to hit all the bullet points, but i continue to be really impressed with these. I have the non noise cancelling version(which looks to be otherwise identical) and they're head and shoulders the best, and honestly the only decent bluetooth headphones i've ever tried or used. They support direct AAC streaming from iphones, and APT-X from everything else so they don't sound like compressed garbage. I very rarely have to charge them, the battery life is intense. They're also very, very comfortable. You can usually pick up factory refurbs for way cheaper than MSRP as well if you google around on what the current deals are.

They're honestly about equal sound quality wise to some really decent headphones i own. Like sennheiser 280 pros, various shure models, etc. The only real complaint i have about them is that sometimes the earcup hinge or the springy headband make stupid noises if you're bouncing around(IE running). And i guess the fact that they aren't really adjustable. You get the automatic-adjusting springy strap, and they come with two sizes of headband to snap the earcups and springy strap into. It fits me ok with the larger band, but i still think it's kind of silly and a bit form over function despite them being very comfortable.

I have nothing to recommend on the wireless earbuds front, never tried any of that stuff.
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