Seeking all-in-one SFF headline site for daily reading
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Seeking recommendations for a site with good coverage of books, films, comics etc. centered around SFF nerdery for my RSS reader. I used to read The Mary Sue, but have been meh about it since its revamp. I'm currently trying out, but I'm looking for other alternatives. Feminist orientation is a plus, but not mandatory. I don't play video games, and I'm not particularly interested in rewatches/rereads other than on FanFare.
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I haven't been so happy with any of the sites going these days as a single source. What I ended up doing was "liking" the FB pages for The Mary Sue, io9, Comic Book Resources, and about a dozen others. Frankly, at this point, I like whatever FB suggests in this vein. This way, while I'm doing my normal FB reading, I get a heaping helping of SFF/Comic book/horror news served up along with it, on a constantly refreshing basis.
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I like io9 fairly well.
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SF Signal is what you want, I suspect. Once a day they do a link round-up, and they also post links to free/cheap ebooks, movie and book reviews, and general news. It's not exactly feminist, but I'd say it's not anti-feminist either.

I don't love it, but it's a good roundup of news in SFF-dom.
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It is definitely not their main focus, but when Racialicious gets nerdy, it is awesome.
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I love They don't cover evrything, but what they do cover, they overthink it.
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