How can we show our dog a good time in Orleans, MA/Cape Cod?
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Looking for off-leash places especially.

We found a nice off-leash park in Dennis last year but we will be farther out and I'm not sure if a daily drive to Dennis would be that great. Any out of the way, obscure cool places to take a dog out there?

She's a puppy, but a big and dorky puppy.
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During the season, this can be tougher than during the year. I asked a friend who lives on Wellfleet and he said that leashed dogs can go on most beaches from 6 to 9 am and after 6pm, but other than that, dogs can't go on beaches. He said if there aren't lifeguards around or a lot of people, you can probably let the dog off leash at dusk and you'll be okay.

On Nauset, leashed dogs can be from Trail one to the Chatham inlet all the time. And dogs are always allowed on the Cape Cod Rail Trail which goes through Orleans.

He says there are three dog parks on the Cape: Ptown, Dennis and Falmouth.
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Depending on how you're driving in/out of the Cape, Stodder's Neck in Hingham is awesome. It's a tiny little peninsula that has gone to the dogs! Very friendly people and it's a great place for your pup to let off some steam and have some social encounters :-)

It's very close to World's End which is also a really lovely walk. There is a small fee to get in - maybe $5/person? Dogs are supposed to be on leash there, but folks do tend to take their dogs off leash near the water and on some of the less populated paths.

If you're interested in the beaches on the Cape, there are specific rules about times and leashes and so forth. Cape Cod National Seashore seems to allow dogs even during the summer, but it's probably before 9am and after 6pm.

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There's also the Paw Wah conservation area, and I believe dogs are allowed there.

And Kent's Point Conservation area - A Puppy’s Paradise at Kent’s Point in Orleans

A few other resources:
Dog Friendly Beaches and Walks in Eastham

Maps of simple trails in Eastham (some of these are maps of the recommendations in the previous link)
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