What can I do with one overripe banana?
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Aside from freezing to make a banana ice cream sort of thing, what can I make using a single ripe banana? I don't like eating bananas plain once they've started turning brown, I don't want to make banana bread, and I don't want to buy anything extra (probably) or do anything very elaborate or calorie intensive (Bananas Foster, for example).

We also happen to have two plums, lemons, a very small amount of walnuts, peanut butter, fruit preserves (strawberry or cherry, not sure), yogurt, milk and almond milk, eggs, and the usual flour, sugar, etc. staples.

It doesn't have to be a sweet thing. We also have zucchinis, tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers, cabbage, carrots, celery, garlic, frozen chicken legs quarters that will probably become a soup, beef for stewing, lentils, noodles, rice, and rice noodles, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, balsamic vinegar.

It seems a silly question, but I end up with one overripe banana often enough that it might be handy to have a few ideas!
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Dump it in a smoothy with peanut butter?
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I always go for a smoothie. Your ripe banana, a few ice cubes, some berries (or that plum), either some juice or some yogurt. Blend, enjoy!
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Do you own a blender? If so, I'd make a smoothie: banana, PB, yogurt, and ice should do it.
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I used to bake single bananas all the time with a little bit of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a splash of orange juice. Sort of like this recipe - it's pretty forgiving.

I also throw bananas in the fridge once they start to get to the overripe point; the peel will darken, but they'll ripen more slowly, and cold bananas are pretty refreshing.
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Make "cookies".
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Fry it as a side dish with rice and beans.
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I smoosh and freeze them for banana bread at a later date.
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Banana, tea and chickpea curry calls for two bananas, but I bet you could get away with just the one.
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I cut them into little pieces and stick them in a baggie in the freezer (spread them out until they freeze so they don't stick together too much). Then I throw some in with my morning oatmeal.
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The other day, someone here in Addis Ababa made me an "Ethiopian salad." In almost every way it was a normal salad- lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, avocado, oil, vinegar, and salt... But it also had sliced banana! Like yourself, I am not too keen on stand-alone bananas. This was surprisingly good.
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Peel it and freeze it, then use it as radioamy suggests or save it for a future smoothie or banana bread. I don't bother cutting them up before freezing - if you have good-sized knife it's easy to cut up a frozen banana.
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Eat it on toast with peanut butter. And honey, if you're feeling really extravagant. Om nom nom.
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Blend: Banana+milk+almonds(or almond butter)+cocoa powder = sweet, chocolate flavored milk (you hardly taste the banana, but it provides the sweetness)
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Mash it up with peanut butter and freeze it for healthy "ice cream" -- melt some chocolate to pour over it right before you eat for "magic shell".
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If oats are among your pantry staples, you could try whipped banana oatmeal. The chia seeds are completely optional, and it would probably be delicious with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts.
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Butterflies like bananas. Put it outside somewhere you can see it.
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Overripe bananas will freeze well for use later when you have more to make banana bread or something else that requires more. Also green or just-right bananas will freeze and then become mush when thawed, so if you want to speed up the mushing process that will do it. Also also, frozen bananas are awesome in smoothies.
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Chunky Monkey - banana, soy milk, 1tbsp cocoa powder, 1tbsp peanut butter, blend till smooth. Tastes like a chocolate bar.

Eat your greens - banana, soy milk, lots (n lots) of spinach, blend till smooth. You will not even taste the spinach.
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I smush them and whip them with one egg and fry them up like a pancake. You can add nuts, unsweetened cocoa powder (the "cake" is VERY sweet on its own), or cinnamon. Sometimes I slather almond butter or peanut butter on when it's done. Think more like banana bread than pancakes.
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I'd put it in a bowl, slice lengthwise, fill the cut with chocolate chips, and then microwave until they are melty and delicious.
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Does Sky like them?
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Response by poster: Sky the dog is only lukewarm about bananas; she will eat a bite or two at most. (I usually share a couple bites of mine, but it doesn't make her dance the happy doggy dance that something like, say, frozen green beans does.)

Thank you for the great suggestions, everyone, and I'm definitely open for more. I've put it in the freezer for now, pending further data, but there are a *BUNCH* of ideas here already that I love and will try. :)
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You can stick the banana in the freezer until you have another one, then you will have two ripe bananas and more options.
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Chocolate spread banana sandwich. Take one slice soft-crust white bread (or cut the crusts off - it needs to be flexible enough to roll up). Spread as thickly as you like with Nutella or similar. Peel banana. Lay on bread, at one end. Roll bread around banana. Eat.

If your banana is especially long or especially curved, cut it in half. Hooray! Two sandwiches!

(You may be thinking "but no, I really don't like overripe bananas in their natural state!". That's OK, I don't either; and this is what I do with mine, when I haven't enough to bake with.)

Don't try this with bananas that you've previously frozen, though; their texture is quite different after freezing and defrosting, in my experience.
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I like banana and poppy seed vinegarette dressing. Very good on a salad.
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I've been making a sort of banana muesli for breakfast lately: smash up a banana with a handful of oats and a few spoonfuls of yogurt. Top with berries, nuts, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It's carbalicious.
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Throw a couple tablespoons of water and some brown sugar in a pan. Chop banana in chunks and cook over medium, stirring frequently, for 5-7 minutes until a thick sauce has formed. Add lots of cinnamon and eat over vanilla ice cream.
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I fry them (but you could skip that; I just really don't like raw bananas) and put them in a milkshake. So, take a mixer or blender and put the room temp banana in with some vanilla ice cream. Yum. Add rum or bourbon if necessary.
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