Is Comic-Con worth a gawk?
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I won't be attending San Diego Comic Con this weekend, but I do live within a reasonable walk of the convention center. Do enough people wear impressive costumes to this event that it's worthwhile to just hang around outside the convention center to people-watch? If so, are there any especially good times and places for this?
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The last time I was in San Diego coincident with Comic Con, I was in a hotel 14 miles away from the Convention Center. There were enough people in the hotel wearing costumes that it was interesting to people-watch without having to bother going anywhere near the convention.
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Yes, there is a park area next to the trolley across from the convention center. I would hang out there.
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There's some good people watching in the Gaslamp and around the convention center. I never go to the show but will always wander over there since I live within walking distance. Going near the end of the day will get you to see people leaving the convention center and heading toward the Trolley or Gaslamp area.
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I went once without tickets to get inside and still had a good time. There were costumed attendees everywhere, lots of people giving swag away outside and some of the big media properties had stands and displays outside (giant Transformer statues/Walking Dead zombies shuffling about/etc.) It's worth checking out for a few hours at least.
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Absolutely. There are a number of restaurants and bars right next to the Con that offer prime viewing experiences. It's also somewhat entertaining to see the hardcore Con kids interact with the hardcore evangelical protestors. YMMV on that though.
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There's a bunch of events around Comic-Con that will be full of attendees but shouldn't require a pass or anything.
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