Is Shakeology a scam?
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Are Shakeology/all of those sports/meal replacement shake things worth it?

I've been on Shakeology for a few months, it definitely reduces my cravings for bad stuff and I feel better/healthier overall, but I have a hard time parting with $129 every month. I've tried to google any negative info on it - but their marketing department has been amazing at making that impossible to find I suppose?

Has anyone found a better solution to get similar results?
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Have you tried keto? My cravings are GONE (I can't believe it) and I have never felt better in my life. And bacon.
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I read reviews of Meal replacement shakes @ mealreplacementshakereviews
and thought the reviewer handled products that were sold via distributor networks pretty fairly.
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I know Shakeology is often used in conjunction with Insanity/P90x (I can't remember if it's one or both) so it might be worth seeing if this is being discussed on fora for these programs?
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Shakeology is ridiculously expensive. I've tried it a few times as my mom uses it, and while they do taste good, I can't really tell a difference between it and some of the other superfood-type meal replacements that cost half as much. I've tried a ton of them because I have an unholy love of protein/meal replacement shakes. I like VegaOne and IdealShape. Ultimately now I just make my own but my DIY ones, while super satisfying, are not as low-calorie because I'm not trying to lose weight.
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What kind of results are you looking for?

I haven't tried shakeology specifically, although I've tried a bunch of different protein powders. Right now I like isopure, which is also pricey (that tub is about 55 servings).

There are many different companies out there who will send you samples of protein powders for free or cheaply. You could get a bunch of samples and find another shake that's cheaper that you like.

If you are more ambitious, you can up your protein smoothie game by adding leafy greens, frozen fruit, peanut butter, etc.
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Why are you using a Meal Replacement? 'Why' is really important when it comes to determining what alternatives may be suitable for you.

Meal Replacements like Shakeology are good for people who find themselves needing a healthy "meal" that provides them with a specific set of nutrients (protein, fat, fiber, vitamins/minerals) when they otherwise cannot get it from a traditional meal - be it because of time, lack of cooking knowledge, or simply desire to control calories/appetite. Because MRs are pricey, you really only need them if you're truly skipping out on meals and missing out on nutrition (ie: you're not having breakfast or instead of eggs and toast you have a Meal Replacement shake).

If you eat regular meals already and are unconcerned about whether you're receiving the proper amount of vitamins/minerals (or are taking a multivitamin already) - then an isolated protein may be more ideal and more affordable.

I, personally, haven't used Shakeology (too pricey and whey-based) but, having worked at a vitamin retailer for many years, I can tell you there are plenty of cheaper, quality, alternatives.

I've only tried plant-based, but some of my faves (always chocolate) are: VegaOne, Kate Komplete, Vegan Orgain*

* Orgain's original formula is whey-based, but they offer a Vegan formula too. Though most people associate Orgain with a pre-mixed 'juice box' - you can purchase their powders in tubs just like other Meal Replacements.
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