Should I ask Ting Inc. for a new phone?
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I just got a refurbished Nexus S from Ting (I would link to the phone, but they're not selling it right now). Honestly, it's been great, except that twice now the phone just turned off and wouldn't turn back on. Then, in a few hours (like 12-16 hours), it does turn on and pretends like nothing happened. This causes me anxiety. I'm still under warranty for another week or so; should I ask for a new phone? I did try a few things, which are listed below.

Apparently there is a "take it apart and put it back together again trick"; I tried the trick the second time the phone turned off, but nothing happened. Then, a few hours later, the phone did its whole starting again just fine thing.

I also tried to charge the phone while it was off, thinking maybe it ran out of juice, but the phone didn't even react to being plugged in (which it usually does, even when it's off). And I had it plugged in for hours.

OK I didn't try that many things but those are the two things I did. Advice?
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You're under warranty. That's what the warranty is for. Make a claim and see what happens -- if there's a huge deductible or something then maybe it''s time to upgrade, but it's worth a shot.
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Make the claim. A phone should not be shutting down wantonly for half a day at a time.
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I haven't been able to switch to Ting and keep my current number, but my one interaction with their customer service folks was excellent, and each of my several friends who use them independently report that they've had nothing but good experiences. Give 'em a call and ask.
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Better to make the claim now, even if it's denied, so if it dies next week you can say, "But it was doing that during the warranty period."
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I agree with what brainmouse said, but i would flip the fuck out if they tried to make me pay a deductible. As far as you're concerned, this thing arrived this way if it's doing it after you got it very recently.

You should not only get a replacement phone, they should pre-ship the replacement, and you shouldn't be paying for anything.

You'll be amazed at the customer service you can receive if you wont take no for an answer, and this is a situation in which you are 100% in the right.
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Yes, absolutely. That's a huge issue. Ting has always been wonderful when i've called them up, I really doubt you'll have a problem. It's possible, though, that they won't have another phone to give you.
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