What kind of necklace length/shape to wear with different necklines?
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I've been branching out into more dresses and trying to figure out what length/shape of necklaces look best with different necklines. I have plenty of necklaces I like, just not sure what to wear with what.

I'm fine with button-up collared dresses, but everything else gives me pause. It would be helpful if you could both suggest the length of necklace (choker, opera-length, whatever) and the shape (by which I mean size - from a dainty chain to a big blocky statement necklace). Any books or guides you can recommend? And can someone suggest what kind of necklace I should wear with a higher necked notch dress?

Thanks for any suggestions you have! And if your suggestion is "wear what you love", I really like all of my jewelry and don't have much of an intuitive grasp about this so my current backup is already "wear what you love", but I'd like to have a slightly more nuanced approach. Thank you!
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Heh I was just finding the link for the same image!
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Wardrobe Oxygen just did a post on this, too.
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If you've seen statues of female deities, you may have noticed that the lowest point of their necklaces will always terminate at a chakra point - the throat, the heart, the solar plexus or the navel. I use those lengths as a good rule of thumb and avoid lengths that are in between. Especially if I want to tap into my inner grace & strength. After that I will balance that length with the neckline so it doesn't appear lopsided. Just a thought.
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I read somewhere that necklaces should always rest on skin, not on fabric. So whatever fills the skin-space before your actual dress begins.
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I read somewhere that necklaces should always rest on skin, not on fabric.

I think this is a pretty good rule of thumb, with the caveat that if you do have it rest on fabric, then it usually works best if it's a longer statement piece (along the lines of rachaelfaith's link). Basically, if it's on the fabric, you want it to be really on the fabric, and it should be a focal piece of your outfit. That's generally the best way to wear statement necklaces, imo. More delicate necklaces will get lost if they're mostly on clothes (especially pendants), and sometimes if you have a smaller necklace just sort of partially resting on the upper part of the neckline, it looks less put together.
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