Help me find the last wallet I'll ever need?
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While reading the purse thread, I realized I'm in dire need of a new wallet. I don't give a toss about brand names, but I really want a well made, durable women's wallet. It's got to be available in Canada, handle lots of spare change well, and have lots of room for cards. If it's affordable and goes well with a butter yellow handbag, all the better!
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Can you buy Fossil brand in Canada? They're on zappos in the US and my go-to for wallets, which I am incredibly hard on. I actually soaked the one I have now in Red Bull a while ago and it didn't even stain. It's also been through the washer.

Diesel is pretty similar too, to the point I've always assumed they were made in the same factory somewhere. I have an oiled leather Diesel men's wallet that I assume will outlive me.
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I was going to suggest Fossil as well, since they often have fun colours. My wallet is a nondescript dark colour on the outside, but a cool modern blue print on the lining, and it's stood up well for the 5ish??? years I've had it.
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I love my Hobo wallet.
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I really like my Danier leather wallet, which has a zippered coin pocket and lots of card space. It's classy looking, too. I'm not sure how durable you need - mine is holding up pretty well after about 4 years of serious abuse, but isn't lifetime-durability level.
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I am in love with the Tano Wallet my sister bought me for a gift about 5 years ago. So sturdy and meets your needs.
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It's all a matter of personal taste, of course, but I highly recommend MyWalit. They come in all sorts of configurations and different cheerful color combinations.

Mine has worn really well, and the leather hasn't gotten all scratched up in my purse like my last wallet from Fossil.
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I love my Big Skinny wallet. Thin, durable nylon, lots of card space, reinforced zippered coin pocket, and fits nicely in my purse. I bought mine off Amazon and the model I have looks like this, but in teal. It looks like Big Skinny ships to Canada, but you you may also be able to find one in a store near you.
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I happen to have a matching colour wallet and purse from Soprano. Mine are in cherry red, but depending on the season, I've seen them in all colours, including different varieties of yellow. I don't recall exactly how long I've been using them on a daily basis (I'm hard on both) but it has been at least three years (although it's probably longer than that) and they're both holding up really well.

Mine is the long wallet (as opposed to the medium or shorter styles). It doesn't have the turn lock which seems to be the option right now, but a snap.

Typically the products are top-grain pebble leather, with no overt branding. The company is Canadian, although the products are made off-shore.

If you want to see them in person and you're in the Toronto area, supposedly there is an outlet in Markham, although I haven't been there yet. If you don't mind supporting Rogers or want to pay on interest-free instalments, the brand is also available from The Shopping Channel.

I don't have any wallets, but I do have a few Derek Alexander purses. Again, really good leather and construction with minimal branding. The Bay usually carries the brand if you want to check out the quality in person. That said, you never know what The Bay actually has in stock. You may have more choice if you browse the store's online selection. The Derek Alexander products tend to be in more neutral (black, brown) colours.
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I love my Lug Handspring wallet. It comes in several colours and it's durable and has lots of space. The site has a list of retailers or you can buy from their site.
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I love my Queenbee Maximo wallet! It's really cute, super durable, and keeps my cards really organized. It holds a lot of stuff but doesn't ever feel bulky.
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I swear by my Relic wallet (avl at Kohls and other department stores) that I've had since 2006 or so. I'm only just beginning to think of replacing it (wear and tear) and will likely get another Relic.
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I have a big skinny wallet - they do indeed ship to canada. I've been using it for a few years and it looks exactly as it did when i first got it. This thing is never going to wear out. I liked the looks of it so much I bought 2 of them, so I'd have another when the first went kaput, but I ended up giving the spare to a friend who needed it.
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I have this New Money Wallet from Kipling. I don't carry change in mine but do have about 30 or so cards, and it is THE BEST (the place I put cards is probably designed for change). I've had mine almost 2 years and it looks brand new.
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I'm in love with THIS wallet from Teranishi.
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I agree with Matildabean and Squeak Attack - both Hobo and MyWalit are very durable and hold gobs of cards and change well.
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I highly recommend MyWalit. They come in all sorts of configurations and different cheerful color combinations.

Mine has worn really well, and the leather hasn't gotten all scratched up in my purse like my last wallet from Fossil.

Another vote for MyWalit. I have this one, and if I ever lost it I would replace it with a Mywalit of some kind, no question. They're available in Canada. They have a large selection on sale, too. (Especially if you like green!)
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I love my Coach wallet. I've had it since 1999 and it's so durable. It's a bifold wallet, holds lots of coins, and fits into my tiny little purse. Here's an example from ebay of what my wallet is like.

This is not a cutting edge wallet, so I'm not seeing anything like it on the coach website, but there's Coach in Canada if you want to walk in and check out their options. Are you open to buying a pre-owned wallet? Lots of nice Coach bifold wallets on
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If you like the looks of MyWallit, take a look at BelArno leather goods, too. Very similar. I have two--double card stacker, which has a lot of slots for cards and 2 zipper spots for cash/coins. Holds a passport. The other one is a small pocket size. Lovely leather. Both came from eBay.
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I love my Lodis Audrey wallet. The leather is really good quality and has held up really well over the years. The larger styles have more room for cards and change.
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I didn't post a picture of my wallet (it really needs to get cleaned out before going in front of the camera) but I did post a picture of my purse on one of the other purse threads. It should give you a pretty good idea of how well the brand is at standing up to daily abuse.
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