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I have a lot of cream cheese. I have a lot of wonton wrappers. I need to make room temp (in hot August weather) appetizers. Hopefully toddlers will like some of them. What recipes do I want? I'm also happily accepting other recipes or ideas for warm room temp apps, and/or store bought items. I'm throwing a party in August for my toddler's birthday and am, um, self-catering. It will be an indoor/outdoor party, and our AC isn't great to begin with, so let's assume it will be warm inside as well as hot outside. I'm planning to rely heavily on Trader Joe's NYC stores for apps and wine, so suggestions are welcome, as they are for other stores or homemade ideas.
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You can make all kinds of tiny pies with those wrappers -- fill with fruit filling of choice, seal like a dumpling, and fry. use the cream cheese as a dip, maybe whipped with cinnamon or something that complements the pies. Let cool after cooking - should still be tasty at room temp
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Cream cheese and marshmallow fluff 1:1 makes an excellent fruit dip.
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In a food processor mix cream cheese with some bottled* salsa. (Just add a little at a time until it tastes right to you.) Optional: add some cilantro for the last second or two. This dip is always a huge hit, especially with tortilla chips, and would probably be great with fried wrappers.

*Fresh (homemade or store-bought) salsa will be too watery. I use Pace Medium because that's how I first tasted it, but anything similar will work, although you probably want to use mild for the kids. (Salsa Autenica from TJ's is a little smoother but has a similar flavor profile.)
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Crab rangoon? With or without actual crab, as you like.
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Also TJ's has a delicious torta thing with pesto, goat cheese and sundried tomato. Great with crackers or crusty bread. Their pub cheese is stupid good, too, and kid friendly if you don't get the spicy kind.
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...what goodbyewaffles said. With fake crab it's plenty tasty. If you splurge for real crabmeat it will be startlingly good.
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This is amazing: 100s of uses for won ton wrappers

Linked uses include chips (savory or sweet), no-boil lasagne noodles, individual appetizer cups (my favorite), mini tacos (!), samosas, and more.
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I love to just drizzle some sesame oil and sprinkle sea salt on wonton wrappers cut in half diagonally, then throw them in the oven on a cookie sheet for a few minutes until golden brown. Voila, wonton chips.
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If you can get a hold of smoked bluefish (a lot of farmers' markets and fishmongers have it) you can use the cream cheese to make this spectacular pate.
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Cream cheese + chipped beef (sliced in smallish pieces) + horseradish to taste. Smash it all together into a delicious mess and spread it on triscuits.
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Cream cheese and a can of whole cranberries makes a delicious, if slightly messy cheeseball. Mix together in a bowl, form a ball. Serve with crackers.
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