Healing tent-burn - the lawn edition
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Heyso, I have this behemoth tent that my daughter and I used for camping and it comes in a tiny little duffel bag so I've been procrastinating on getting it back in the bag. I laid it out on the lawn to dry out last week and left it there for a few days... here is what happened: total lawn destruction.

The LL doesn't care too much about the lawn, but I want to have some kind of a game plan for fixing the problem. It seems to be greening up a bit, but....can you help me come up with the best solution? Should I rake and re-seed? Or is this a sod situation? When do I reseed? I'm in New England USA.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you just need to water it.
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Response by poster: It rains all the time out here, lately. Any other pro tips?
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Best answer: The roots are still kickin' under there and it basically just needs a tan and to grow out a little bit. A good heavy watering (1"?) couldn't hurt. I made a good size patch of my lawn look the same way about 3 days ago and (craning out window) I can't see where it was anymore.

The only thing I can really add to what humboldt32 said is that it might help to drink a beer while you're watering it.
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Best answer: We have various pieces of plastic kids' playstuff in the back yard and have done this multiple, MULTIPLE times to large patches of our lawn (including a nice slip-n-slide that toasted an 8'x20' section a couple of weeks back). We've never paid much attention or done anything particularly to fix it, and the lawn has always healed right up within a couple of weeks-- as I look out the back door right now, even the recent slip-n-slide mark is down to a tiny 2'-wide tannish circle.

Unless you've got a golf tournament in a week or something, I'd say relax and let your lawn do its thing.
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Best answer: It'll grow back on it's own. You don't need to do anything to it. Like, ftm said "the roots are still kickin' under there".
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Best answer: From another perspective: I have deliberately taken out sections of lawn, to replace with garden beds. It takes a lot more than a week of light-block to kill it. Your grass will come back as soon as it's had a bit of sun and direct water.
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Best answer: Just have that gorgeous cat keep an eye on it and it'll recover!
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Best answer: Water + sunlight + time. Grass is pretty hard to kill, without roundup.
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Response by poster: My watchful kitty, who is sleeping next to me in my desk chair at the moment, reports that things are slowly greener in the tent patch. Thanks to the exceptional advice here, I've been watering the lawn each night whilst enjoying a beer, and quietly planning an outright eradication of that section of lawn in favor of a stone patio. My LL, who would rather that the backyard turn into something that she doesn't have to mow, will surely agree.
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