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Does Twitter or Facebook provide any mapping like this, or is there an app that can, through access to a TW or FB account, create this kind of map?
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Is there a non-Flash example available? (Screen grab?)
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I just started taking a class that covers this sort of thing and I think what we did sounds like what you're looking for. We used Netvizz and Gephi. I hope this helps:

Netvizz, in my prof's words, "extracts information from your personal network or groups and pages that you are part of. The results are output either in gdf or tab separated format. This is perfect for visualization." You get a big fancy-looking image with all your people as nodes and whatnot.

You would use Netvizz in combination with Gephi, an open source graph visualization and analysis tool. The very helpful Gephi tutorial is here. The tutorial will tell you how to generate a graph.

So what we had to do for homework was open Netviz and follow the instructions under "your personal friend network." (We didn't include "friends' like and post count.") Step 2 will produce a GDF or PDF file of your network.

Next, you launch Gephi. Click "Open Graph File" from the Welcome Window and select the file you saved from Netvizz. Once you open it, select the graph type to be undirected and leave all the other options as their default values.

This was fun to do and play around with, though it may be too many steps or more complicated than you were looking for. But you will definitely get a map that labels the people in your network and shows how your communities are grouped and connected. Pretty cool.

If anyone finds something similar and more mainstream please share, I'd be interested to try those out, too.
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The Oracle of Bacon, which downloads info from IMDB, is interesting too--you can see the connections for Kevin Bacon of course, but also any IMDB-registered actor whose name you enter. However I don't know if it can be used along with mapping software.
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LinkedIn has a network graph generator.
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Wolframalpha will show you your social graph. Just submit "facebook" in the query box.

If you google "social graph visualization," you'll see a couple more. Touchgraph, for instance.
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