Trying to turn a pet project into a fun and cool app to use...
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I've been working on this little project called CheckIn, which is supposed to be a quick and easy to use Foursquare app that let's you check in quickly and adds interesting features like check in reminders (and instant checkins in iOS 8 - currently working on notification actions in my working build).

I've gotten suggestions to make it use Facebook instead of Foursquare, but I'm wondering how to make the transition over or if I should just rerelease it as a new app.

Any ideas? I want to make this app something you would definitely use. Trying to make this a Foursquare app for busy people (fyi I don't like the Swarm app).
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Response by poster: Updated.
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Looks nice. My gut feeling is that more Foursquare people will be willing to install a separate app for this than Facebook users. I don't check in on Facebook unless I am going to get something for it.
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