What are the best associations for development and politics?
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I've been making the transition into international development and am looking to join a relevant association. Which should I join?

I've been making the transition into international development and am looking to build my professional community and keep up with research. I follow a few academics and practitioners on Twitter, and browse SSRN now and then. What I'm looking for now is a relevant professional association, and a community to share ideas with, publications and conferences.

Things I like in an association: ability to attract key thinkers to journals, discussions and events, a broad perspective (ie not US only members as I am based in Europe but work worldwide), communities of practice/discussion lists etc, formal and informal events (conferences and meetups), research, a good mix of practitioner and researcher members.

My work is moving more towards policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, learning, capacity building etc. I don't specialise in any one region/country. I am/was a librarian by background but also have a degree in political science and remain very interested in this area. As I asked in a previous question, I have an interest in development economics. However I don't have the ability to get another degree.

I have previously been a member of APSA (good journals but all events are in the US), American Library Association (as my professional identity has changed this is less relevant), Society for International Development (their Europe chapters are rather inactive). I have never joined AEA.

What associations should I look at? Or should I relook at other APSA chapters? Alternately, if there is no one association to join, what are the key events, publications that I should be picking up?
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