Did I mess up my quick fridge pickles?
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Will these suckers be edible after premature opening and an ill-fitting lid?

I started some pickles today using this recipe. All was well until about 4 hours after I had covered the jar and left it out to cool down to room temp. I picked up the jar to feel if it was still warm and noticed that a bit of pickle juice was leaking from the lid. Stupidly, I opened the jar and put a new lid on. I'm not certain that this lid is secure either; it may be a case of the lid not matching the jar.

The jar is now sitting in the fridge with its new lid on.

Anyway, my questions are: did I screw up my future snack by opening the jar a couple hours after the initial canning? And, if indeed the lid is not fitting on exactly right, is it a danger to eventually eat the pickles?
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No you didn't.

If you were going to keep these for 2 years then they would not be suitable. But because they are fridge pickles, they'll be fine. Just don't keep them for ages, eat 'em up quickly.

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No problem. You aren't canning, in the sense of sealing jars for long term storage at room temperature, just making pickles in a jar. The lid is not essential at all in this case.
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At the risk of being repetitious, there's no problem with opening the lid because you aren't canning -- you could do this in almost any container and the lid just keeps the pickle smell contained.

Eat with confidence!
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Hell yeah! So pumped to crunch on these little guys. Thanks everyone!
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Not an answer to the question you *asked*, but an answer to a question that is relevant to your interests...

Cling film / cellophane / saran wrap / (insert your local name here) folded over a couple of times and laid over the top can make a loose lid fit properly. It gets between the thread and the lid and if you're lucky it's enough to make the lid catch.

Other than that, vinegar and salt = dead bacteria, which is the way pickles work. That recipe goes for weaker pickling vinegar than the ones I use but I would expect it to be fine even so.
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